Yoru’s ultimate ability allows players to get outside of the Practice Range in VALORANT


Yoru is the newest agent in VALORANT and has a unique ultimate ability that allows him to become invisible and invulnerable for a short period. Players recently discovered that this allows Yoru to reach outside of the Practice Range without dying. 

A player activated Yoru’s Dimensional Drift ultimate ability in the Practice Range, which turns Yoru invisible and invulnerable for a few seconds. They decided to see what happened if they jumped off the map’s edge while the ability was activated and if they could survive the fall. 

The player surprisingly landed beneath the map without taking damage and moved around without issue. They found another drop-off beneath the map and activated the ability again to fall further beneath the map without taking damage. 

Normally, players will die when falling off the map’s edge since they can’t protect themselves. Yoru’s ultimate negates this issue, though, and allows players to explore beneath the map without a problem. Other players explained that Phoenix’s ultimate ability worked the same way previously, but it wasn’t as effective. 

Riot Games responded to the clip, saying it’s “out of this world. LUL,” so the developers are aware of the bug. It’s unclear if Riot intends to fix it in an upcoming update or plans to leave it in as a pleasant surprise. 

Many VALORANT fans would’ve likely enjoyed a new controller instead of another duelist, but players are still happy about Yoru’s unique kit. His Dimensional Shift ability is effective in games and has the bonus effect of getting players outside of the Practice Range.