XSET Gaming sign Pretty Boyz plus Wedid | VALORANT NEWS

XSET is a newer esports organization, begun in July 2020 by former FaZe Clan executives upset with the lack of diversity and inclusion in their previous employer. With Zander “thwifo” Kim having been signed to the organization when they started up in July, most fans felt that his team, Pretty Boyz, would eventually get picked up. After a roster change, adding former Mamba Mode Gaming star Matthew “Wedid” Suchan, this has now become reality.

XSET Gaming’s full roster is thwifo, Wedid, Jordan “AYRIN” He, Brandon “Brando” Parker, and Bryce  “PureR” Lovell. Each person on this roster has a very diverse background. thwifo is a well-known former Fortnite professional who played throughout 2018 and 2019 for Ghost Gaming, gathering himself approximately $80,000 USD in winnings. AYRIN and Brando are both former CrossFire players, known as some of the best to come from North America. With SetToDestroyX, AYRIN (and current Dignitas player Phat “supamen” Le) finished fourth at the Crossfire Stars 2017 Grand Finals. PureR is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player in the ESEA and Mountain Dew League scene, while Wedid doesn’t have prior competitive experience.

In VALORANT, each has had a long transition. Wedid was originally picked up by Dramatik Gaming in July before joining Mamba Mode, who he’d make his name with. Throughout Mamba Mode’s success, particularly at the PULSE Series, Wedid became a star, known for his flexibility, map control, and love for the agent Viper. Mamba Mode allowed him to pursue new opportunities in late September, and that has now led him to be the headliner on XSET’s roster.

After signing with XSET in July, thwifo began to build the XSET VALORANT roster under the name Pretty Boyz. He teamed up with former Echo 8 players AYRIN and Brando, found PureR and Andy  “Andersin” Collins, and started playing events. The team has been somewhat successful, finishing third in their group in the Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series. Most recently, they won the Nerd Street Gamers – Monthly October in Wedid’s first showing with the squad. thwifo has been the team’s Cypher, PureR has been playing fraggers, mostly Jett, AYRIN has been on Raze and Phoenix, and Brando has been the team’s Sova.

Pretty Boyz have been doing decently, but the addition of Wedid is massive. If he can recreate the success he found on Mamba Mode with his new teammates, XSET could definitely pull off some upsets at First Strike.

XSET Gaming’s roster is:

Zander “thwifo” Kim
Jordan “AYRIN” He
Brandon “Brando” Parker
Bryce “PureR” Lovell
Matthew “Wedid” Suchan