xCeeD finalizes Pittsburgh Knights roster | VALORANT NEWS

Pittsburgh Knights entered VALORANT in November ahead of the second round of qualifiers for First Strike. After failing to make it, duelist Timothy “frostyZK” Ly left the team, and today, Knights have announced his replacement as former NRG Esports trial Jack “xCeeD” Holiman.

A lower-tier North American CS:GO player with experience on many mixed rosters, as well as SoaR Gaming and Triumph, xCeeD has been touted for some time as an extremely good VALORANT prospect who was struggling to nail down a team. He trialed with NRG for the first open qualifier for First Strike, but was put on the Sentinel role instead of his usual duelist spot, and, though he looked promising, ultimately didn’t stay. After some time with Noble and Orgles5, he now joins Knights looking to make his first solid step up.

xCeeD should fill the duelist role on the team, making an exciting combination with the Jett play of Damion “XXiF” Cook that has so far defined the team. Throughout his recorded games, he has stats of 192 ACS and a flat 1 KD. He joins the team for the Pittsburgh Knights Before Christmas tournament happening this weekend, where as of the time of writing, he top fragged to help Knights take their first victory in the group stage.

Is this the change that can make Pittsburgh Knights a serious contender in North America? Should they now be considered a favourite to win their home event? Let us know your thoughts!


Pittsburgh Knights are now:

Anthony “dawn” Hagopian
Damion “XXiF” Cook
Ronald “ronaldo” Mach
Terry “dsr” Rioux
Jack “xCeeD” Holiman