Wygers add RAYZZ and circu to their VALORANT roster | VALORANT NEWS

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Prior to their split, xHyper and SirMaza played the supporting cast to the team, playing Sage and Breach respectively. They both played through Mandatory.GG Cup, placing 17th-32nd. They have otherwise been relatively quiet, with only xHyper showing up again, playing as Killjoy for Last men standing

The newly entering duo, RAYZZ and circu, both played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before their transition. While little is known about RAYZZ, circu has already been playing with Wygers at GLX EU Battle #8 and Desafío Legión placing top eight in the latter. He has been playing as the squad’s Controller on Omen, but also showing his ability to play Sova.

The new additions to the squad should bolster Wygers ahead of their group in LVP – Genesis Cup Fuego where they will debut it in a game against Team B7

The Wygers roster now consists of:

Jaime “Zackyy2k” Sierra Gonzalez
Victor “vity” Medina
Andreu “Navarrete” Navarro Blasco
Fernando “circu” Puerta Jimenez
Alejandro “RAYZZ” Montaner Roig

Lucas “LRojo” Rojo (Coach)

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