Why you can’t log in to the Discord servers in Valorant?

  • Riot Games servers for some games of them are down for now.
  • Also, with Valorant, platforms like StreamLabs and Discord have also been down.

If you can’t join or login to Valorant, or you can’t join your favorite platform servers like discord, then only the ISP provider or ‘ham’ on the router settings is not going to solve the problem.

It seems like many applications which use Cloudflare internet services all have crushed and down at the same time, so of course, this problem is not from the users’ end.

Discord server Valorant


Most of the Riot Games titles like TFT, Valorant, League of Legends, and Legends of Runeterra. Applications like StreamLabs and Discord also use Cloudflare internet services and these also are down.

The game director for Valorant, Riot Ziegler twitted that some major problems are there in Valorant and other games that cause disconnection, but they are working hard to solve the problems.

Result of a cyber attack?

Many Discord users, Riot player, and people who use Postmates, Patreon, and DoorDash thinks that this may cause of the cyber attack.

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On July 17 CloudFare added an update to their server and said that this is not because of any cyber attack. But a router in the global phase provides bad routes and it causes some network issues in some portion of the network.

How to understand the origin of errors?

From the closed beta period, Valorant faces many error codes, bugs, etc. Sometimes the players get confused that if this problem arises from their end or from the Riot server.

So, from now onwards if you have seen a grotty error code appears, you can check their Service Status page or support page to understand the reason for the problem.