What’s The BEFORE and AFTER Launch of VALORANT

What is the BEFORE and AFTER launch of VALORANT Worldwide


The closed beta phase is on its end way, and we have to know the changes that would occur in this game, before release, and after release. In the closed beta testing phase, Valorant gives you Valorant points, beta rewards, and contracts of Agent. The developer team of Valorant makes clear about the changes of that game so that no players will confuse after the official launch on June 2. No doubt Riot will have many changes for Valorant’s model in the future according to the requirements.

Valorant point:

The developer team of the Valorant game wanted to give the players a reward for skin buying during the beta process. The points and reward process of this game is nicely explained by Riot Games before the closed beta period. The rule is when a player is at full launch, they will provide you all the Valorant points you have and not only this but with an additional bonus of 20% for playing the game and for the engagement of this process during closed beta. And also, if you have some reward or any contracts in this beta period, you can’t get it after the launch, means you will lose these purchases, rewards, and collection that one player has. There are seven competitive ranks that Valorant has, including Bronze, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Valorant.

Agent Contracts:

In this closed beta, the game is providing players many player cards, weapon buddy, gun skin, and many more features that you have to gain by playing. But the important thing is once the official release of this game done means after June 2 all your success and process will go back and set to zero. The before and after the phase of the Valorant game are two phases. The reason behind it is right out the game is in the testing period, naturally many technical faults, many issues will come up that the developer team has to overcome and try to make a fresh look of the game, So it’s far way better to begin from the starting point and make your success with all the new and updated features that the gave will have.

Beta rewards:

In this closed beta period if someone makes success and gain player cards, two titles, weapon buddies then these things are for you for lifetime. The progress you made during this closed beta period will not be erased after the launch and a closed beta contract is given to you. In addition, the Valorant team wants to recognize these players and wanted to give then five titles and also the exclusive player card who are present at the time of tweet streaming and watched it.

Unique reporting system:

For any kind of online game, if anyone plays a game by default you will run and wants to give the reports to the needy people. This kind of situation will happen like someone is using an account in an inappropriate way or using any inappropriate language intentionally. Not you can’t get them because maybe they have muted their all chats or maybe the result report will come as null. The developer team is up to change this reporting system in this Valorant game. This game is absolutely safe to install, as it has an anti-cheat of the kernel.

Paul ‘Arkem’ Chamberlain is the lead of the anti-cheat department and the programmer. He announced that with the launch a reporting system will come, which will notify the negative behaviors. The Riot game will try to take a major step against the reprimanded behavior of a player and will give them direct punishment. All kinds of unethical behavior even cheating will consider as malpractice. And according to the team of the Valorant game, it is important to give the players feedback when a report of them is a negative activity. If a particular player is reporting about another player then and there the reporting system will look upon the matter. If it seems that the behavior of a person is not right then the person has to accept the punishment within 15 minutes after the report is submitted. Players will get notification about the steps that have been taken for the report. The players who will get reported, after one punishment if it continues then the system will take some major steps after fourth-time offense like a permanent ban. As a report, the anti-cheat engineer announced that already a large number of people was banned for cheating. Whether, the Valorant team does not disclose much about the reporting system, how it looks like, or more features about it. Hopefully, at the launch time, the Valorant team will successfully come with a unique feedback system and surely it will help the players in the future. And the craze will go on, because of these features that the game Valorant have. 


The developing team is wanting to connect with the community and make sure that they can fulfill all the requirements they players have. If this kind of communication with the developer and player continues, it is easy to say that the fan base will increase day by day. Valorant game is a craze over the gaming world now, as its releasing date comes near. This game comes with a bunch of really interesting features that are easy to use. Moreover, no restrictions are there about this game, one can easily download it. In the beta testing period if the game can draw this much attention, then after the launch it can do more than one can imagine. There will be some changes in the process, the system, the interface.

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