What truly happened to Mamba Mode Gaming leading to its disband | VALORANT NEWS

Mamba Mode Gaming, with its constantly changing VALORANT roster, have won the PULSE Series, the Nerd Street Gamers – Open #15, and the Pittsburgh Knights Gauntlet – Closed Qualifier to later on place 13th-16th in the Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series itself. Add on top of that 2nd place finishes in all of the Allied Esports Strafe Series #2, the 30Bomb: Invitational Series #2, and the Nerd Street Gamers – Monthly November.

THESPIKE.GG reached out to Jamie “Cad” Albright for more information on what exactly went on behind the scenes and what led up to this situation. Apparently, on December 20th was the last day anyone heard from Gabe Ren, and it was the same day the team won Valorant Sunday Showdown #35. As reported by Cad, he occasionally disappeared for a few days then returned with various excuses for his absences.

However, this time around, it lasted for over 2 weeks. During that time, understandably, none of the players, staff, or anyone involved with Mamba Mode Gaming got paid their December salaries, winnings, or any form of compensation.

“Over the past 2 weeks, players were not being paid and winnings were not being sent out. Despite our efforts, we could not get in contact with Gabe. We tried his cell, discord, twitter, you name it, and no response. Right now, the players are owed December’s salary, winnings from the NSG November Monthly, and VCS #35. Staff are owed various forms of compensation as well.”

“Eventually, players became disgruntled and on New Years Day, the team decided to compete under the Monkey Mode Gaming banner. Their contracts were all void due to the Occupational Abandonment clause, so players were free to pursue all opportunities. Creed, the team’s manager, decided to play in the Serenity Invitational under the Monkey banner, then split up permanently.”

“Due to the disappearance of MMG’s CEO, Gabe Ren, the organization’s players and staff have decided to disband. With a lack of salaries and prize winnings, members of the organization have been pushed to make this decision. All players’ contracts are now void due to the Occupational Abandonment clause. Thus, all players are now Free Agents and are exploring opportunities,” explained Cad.

All of Mamba Mode Gaming’s former roster – Hampus “Supmah” Svensson, Alend “Ale” Khalaf, Felix “lyNxi” Björklund, and Benjamin “vicious” Guilotte, are now free agents.

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