More WEIRD Weapon Skins in Valorant after Elderflame Collection

Riot Games is trying to dig into creation with their Elderflame skin series, and also gave us a hint about the creation that is going to come in the near future in Valorant.

On July 8 the first teaser of Elderflame skin bundle was released and make the fanbase crazy with the dragon-style flare, plyers going crazy after this teaser and also appreciated highly. For a series of weapons like Guardian, Vandal, Operator, and Frenzy this skin will be available. Also, additionally, a sweet knife was there to carve up your enemies with style.

Image Courtesy – Riot Games

Elderflame Skins are weird

Preeti Khanolkar, the producer of Valorant and Sean Marino, art lead of Valorant in a discussion with Polygon said about the difficulties that the team has to face for these skin designs, but also give us a green signal about these skins in near future. She also said that if teams have this skin then the team will have mystic.

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She mentioned that the ultimate goal of the players is to win the game, so a weapon that is cool and also value for money was a challenge. Though she didn’t mention further plans with this skin we can predict that something interesting is coming for us.

Image Courtesy – Riot Games

Some skins are almost ready. Marino said that the Operator is making problems to get right. These skins have to be balanced, as they don’t offer any advantage in terms of gameplay. Lot’s of animation is there.

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