“We adapt, we overcome, and we just smash”: paTiTek responds to Shao interview | VALORANT NEWS

With G2 Esports

“Their power is in mostly individual skill, and it seems like they don’t have a good level of communication and trust in each other,” said Shao in the interview.

When asked about it by host Christy “Ender” Frierson, Patitek responded with surprise and a ridiculous smile, as if he had no idea what the FunPlus Phoenix

With Patitek’s G2 having the upper hand in VALORANT’s European rivalry so far, it is not a surprise to see him respond with such incredulity to Shao’s comments. Trash talk may be in its infancy in VALORANT, but has shown up from time to time, whether it’s between TSM and Sentinels, Team Liquid and G2, or Davidp and Bonk’s Yacine. Only time and upcoming events will tell which one of Shao and Patitek will come out on top.