Vision Strikers end VALORANT match with impressive Raze ultimate

Vision Strikers’ Goo “Rb” Sang-Min wrapped up a match at VALORANT Champions Tour Korea Stage One: Masters with a flashy Raze ultimate. 

Vision Strikers faced TNL Esports in the event’s second round of group play. Vision Strikers defeated NUTURN in the first round and carried their momentum into their second match of the weekend. 

The teams faced off on Split in the first game of the series, and Vision Strikers secured an easy 13-6 victory. But the team ended the game on a high note as Rb used Raze’s ultimate to kill three opponents. 

Rb used Raze’s Blast Pack to rush towards the attackers on A site. He activated Raze’s ultimate simultaneously and surprised the majority of the enemy team. Rb killed three players with the initial blast and secured one other kill to end the game. 

Vision Strikers would have likely won the round without the impressive play, but it gave them a major morale boost going into the next game. TNL Esports put up more of a fight on Haven, but Vision Strikers still won 13-9. 

Many consider Vision Strikers to be one of the best teams in the region and are excited to see how they perform on an international stage. If they continue to pull off impressive individual plays, they will likely be a top global contender.