Version1 defeat Cloud9 Blue to qualify for VCT Iceland

Version1 is the second North American team going to the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage Two Masters Two tournament in Iceland after defeating Cloud 9 Blue in the lower bracket final. This was a surprising outcome considering Cloud9’s dominant performance earlier in the finals, but Version1’s hot streak earned it a spot in the grand finals against Sentinels. 

Earlier today, Version1 eliminated Envy in the third round of the lower bracket before moving on to the lower finals. Sentinels sent Cloud9 Blue to the lower bracket yesterday, and both teams competed for a chance to get revenge on the dominant team. 

Version1 started the series with an impressive 13-5 victory on Haven. Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro did his part to help the team by killing for players to cement their lead in the first half. 

 Despite this solid start to the series, Version1 could not maintain momentum in the second map. Cloud9 regrouped and answered back with its own 13-5 win and won nine rounds in the first half alone. 

Both teams had one last shot at making it to Iceland in the final game of the series on Split, but Cloud9 struggled to perform. Version1 won eight rounds in the first half and only allowed Cloud9 to win one round in the second half. The team that started in the finals as a dark horse managed to eliminate four teams in the lower bracket and secure its spot in one of the year’s most significant events.

Verison1 and Sentinels will face off in the VCT Stage Two Challengers Finals grand final today at 3:00 pm CT. Both teams will continue to Iceland, but only one will walk away as the Challengers Finals champion.