For any kind of online game, if anyone plays a game by default you will run and wants to give the reports to the needy people. This kind of situation will happen like someone is using an account in an inappropriate way or using any inappropriate language intentionally. Not you can’t get them because maybe they have muted their all chats or maybe the result report will come as null. The developer team is up to change this reporting system in this Valorant game. This game is absolutely safe to install, as it has an anti-cheat of the kernel.

Paul ‘Arkem’ Chamberlain is the lead of the anti-cheat department and the programmer. He announced that with the launch a reporting system will come, which will notify the negative behaviors. The Riot game will try to take a major step against the reprimanded behavior of a player and will give them direct punishment. All kinds of unethical behavior even cheating will consider as malpractice. And according to the team of Valorant game, it is important to give the players feedback when a report of them is a negative activity. If a particular player is reporting about another player then and there the reporting system will look upon the matter. If it seems that the behavior of a person is not right then the person has to accept the punishment within 15 minutes after the report is submitted. Players will get notification about the steps that have been taken for the report. The players who will be reported, after one punishment, if it continues then the system will take some major steps after fourth-time offense like a permanent ban. As a report, the anti-cheat engineer announced that already a large number of people was banned for cheating. Whether, the Valorant team does not disclose much about the reporting system, how it looks like, or more features about it. Hopefully, at the launch time,<strong> </strong>Valorant team will successfully come with a unique feedback system and surely it will help the players in the future. And the craze will go on, because of these features that the game Valorant have. 

There will be an unavoidable change in the controversial anti-cheat system of Valorant. For the advanced level of the kernel debugger make all the devices off, and it makes a big issue over there. A solution is released by Riot Games to fix the Vanguard, automatically it will sort the problems by itself, without any help of drivers. Valorant blew everyone’s mins with the hell lot of surprises of Valorant. The closed beta from Riot Games knows how to snatch the viewership of players certainly. When the news of the game published and after that, the agent’s videos, Maps and all are published gaming world thought that it will rule over the existing top games like Fontnite, even CS: GO. But now after knowing the anti-theft mechanism of Valorant it is confusing for everyone about its success over CS:GO.

Also, Valorant receives many criticisms for the Defence Mechanism –

Paul Chamberlain tweeted about this with the news of the hotfix. The most dissatisfying thing about the game is – there are many things about the safety features which are lacking behind. Valorant wants to be the top game. But to be the top one, they have to do a lot of things but it fails for the safety measures of it and the gaming community is very dissatisfied with it. The anti-cheat system Vanguard’s worst part is it is a debugger of kernel-level that can run as soon as the windows pop up. This is one of the basic reasons why it is getting so much criticism. According to current updates and recommends it is sure that there is not any threat for Vanguard for plugging in your USB.

Differences of Vanguard – Then V/S Now:

Before the latest update Vanguard just can’t differentiate between mobile phone and mouse, it just detected the USB and throw the player out of the game and many players can’t start the game again sometimes. After the latest update Vanguard became smart and can carefully differentiate between devices, Some of the drivers have to be removed manually which is another problem of the anti-theft system. Today after the release and with the updates, this problem may be fixed. The whole gaming community is looking forward to this game with the redefined Vanguard Anticheat. New things like Cards, Skins, Agent’s look are added. Also, there are some sprays like BRIMSTONE SPRAY, CAMPER SPRAY, CYPHER SPRAY, CHEESE BUDDY SPRAY, DANGER SPRAY, DARK FOCUS SPRAY, DEADLY VENOM SPRAY, GETTING REPS SPRAY, GUNS OUT SPRAY, OMEN SPRAY, ON TARGET SPRAY, PHOENIX SPRAY, PICK YOUR POISON SPRAY, PULSE CHCEK SPRAY, RAZE SPRAY, READY TO DIE SPRAY, REYNA SPRAY, SAGE SPRAY, SOVA SPRAY, SPOTLIGHT SPRAY.

In closed beta period, the game Valorant received an overwhelming response. This closed beta period closed on 28th May. And finally, after the successful Beta period finally today the game is released with a bang. While Vanguard anti-cheat became as criticism and talking point for the trust-related issues with Riot Games, The company stood up and changed how the Anticheat was designed. The Reddit community was full of criticism when the Vanguard Anticheat was launched, which in fact now changed into a praising point for the players in the community.  After it’s launch today the first look is quite impressive. After the latest update Vanguard has become smart and can carefully differentiate between devices, with the upcoming latest updates these small problems will fix and gamers can enjoy the extravaganza of the game.

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