VALORANT’s ranked system is set for “top to bottom” changes | VALORANT NEWS



10 hours ago

The VALORANT community has been vocal about their criticism towards the tactical shooter’s ranked system, including professional players and content creators. Riot Games have definitely taken notice, and promised a few times before that they are already studying ways to improve the ranking system, and give Radiant players more indication on how they rank against the rest of the world, rather than just attaining the title and feeling there is nothing beyond it to chase.

A recent tweet from VALORANT’s Game Director, Joe “Ziegler” Ziegler, revealed the studio’s plans to overhaul VALORANT’s competitive mode from “top to bottom.” They are analyzing the system, and promised to make the necessary changes to make the experience of hopping onto ranked games more fun and rewarding.

Some of the feedback given by the community was a more detailed representation of how many points a win or loss gives you, how close you are to ranking up or down a tier, Radiant players given a leaderboard to climb in to put them against other players in the region, and even addressing the fact that Sage or support players in general climb slower than those focusing only on kills. Ziegler didn’t give a timeline on when to expect these changes, so only time will tell, but at least it shows their commitment towards continuously improving VALORANT’s experience.

Which changes do you think are most important for VALORANT’s ranked mode? Do you enjoy climbing the ranked ladder in its current state? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!