Valorant Yoru Guide – Abilites and Tips

Valorant is a competitive game with a deep complex system for its Agents. Each brings something unique to the game with the kit you can buy. So you’ll need to tailor your gameplay to the Agent you’re going to main. With the release of Valorant Episode 2, Yoru has been added into the game. Valorant Yoru is the latest Agent and another duelist. However, he is really quite unique as far as duelists go. Going into the release of Yoru, the Agent was advertised as one for the lurkers. If you’re looking for a character that supports a unique play style, then there is plenty here for you. 

Yoru is an agent that exceeds in putting pressure on enemies, but within a slightly more passive playstyle. If you’re yet to really find a home in the more outwardly aggressive duelists then he might be worth trying out. Yoru’s kit even includes a panic button for players who like to play a bit riskier, but need a fallback. This Valorant Yoru guide covers the agent’s abilities, how they work, tips and tricks for the characters, and what to buy.

Yoru Abilities Guide


Valorant Yoru Guide

This one is Yoru’s signature ability that you get for free every round. It has two different functions. You can use the left click to launch the gatecrash out, where it continues until it hits a deadend. Alternatively, you can use the right click to place it in a specific location. Once placed, you can use the Gatecrash as a teleportation point. This has some huge mobility possibilities, these are some tips for using it:

  • Angles – You will come out of the teleporter at the parallel angle to how you entered . This means you need to get it right on the way in if you’re teleporting into the middle of action.
  • Map Awareness – This is probably the thing that most contributes to using this ability well. You need to know where the spots on the map are where this is going to come in useful. Don’t just try to appear right on the point. 
  • Fallback – Placing it behind you and using it to jump backwards can be really quite effective. You can phase in and out of the battle by having a teleport spot just behind you in case you need it. 
  • Map Lanes – This can be a quick switch between lanes on a multi-lane map if you’re playing the center. 
  • Sending it Forward – The version that just lets you throw it forward can be quickly clunky, so using it to shove into the middle of an enemy team doesn’t often get anywhere.


Fakeout is a fun ability that you’re going to need to use for subterfuge. This ability sends out some false footsteps, to play with your enemies’ concepts of the game. You have two different ways that you can unleash this ability. The first is to let the footsteps begin walking straight ahead. They walk forwards from where you are until they hit a wall. The second is to mark a specific location for them to trigger. The second way allows them to be placed ahead of time and unleashed later. These are some tips for how to use them well:

  • Tilting – This is obviously a great option for this ability. You can throw it out to deliberately mess with other players rather than trying to achieve anything!
  • Depends on the Player – If you’re playing in a pretty low-tier game, then this might not be the most helpful. If enemies aren’t paying attention to sound then your footsteps aren’t going to fool them. 
  • At The start of a Round – There are two main times to use Yoru’s Fakeout ability. The first is at the start of a round. You use it to give the impression that your attack is coming from one route and you flank around the other.
  • At the End of a Round – This is the alternative use, using it during the later stage of combat. The general thought and purpose of this is the same, but with the idea that you can better capitalise on the confusion at this stage in the game.


Valorant Yoru Guide

Blindside is a flash in the game with a bit of a difference. You can purchase two of them, but they only work when used perfectly. You need to trigger it with the left click, and if it strikes a surface it will ignite. It only shows up to enemies after it bounces off a surface. So enemies can see it being thrown out at first. These are some tips for this one of Yoru’s abilities:

  • Distortion – This frag’s main use is as a distortion tactic. You can use it to throw confusion and distortion into the mix when heading into a firefight. It isn’t a panic button.
  • Bouncing – actually aiming these detonate when they need to can be a bit of a hassle. Bouncing it off of walls means you need to have a decent grasp of the shape of a map and where it will land. Essentially, to get it right you’re going to need to practise. It doesn’t take too much to learn how it moves around, but you’ll likely need to do a few test runs on maps to really get the angles down.

Yoru Ultimate Ability – Dimensional Drift

Valorant Yoru Guide

This is Yoru’s ultimate ability and it is definitely a strange one. This makes Yoru invincible and invisible to your enemies. Although, if they enter a smaller blue ring close to you they can see you again. You’re in ‘your own dimension’ in terms of the game’s lore.  This is how you can take advantage of this one:

  • Gadgets – While invisible you can walk straight past Sova and Cypher’s abilities without being spotted.
  • Invulnerable – The invulnerability for this ability makes it a powerful tool for flanking and repositioning. You can use it to get into a position to do some serious damage. Alternatively, you can use it as a distraction tool to pull enemies away while your entire team mounts an offensive. 
  • Offensive Potential – There isn’t a huge offensive potential to pulling this Ultimate. It is essentially a tool for getting you and your teammates into a better position. It requires a good head for tactics rather than an itchy trigger finger.

Yoru Tips and Tricks

That’s how all of Yoru’s abilities work. However, an Agent kit goes beyond just using the abilities at the right times. These are some general tips and tricks for the character that you can use:

  • Gatecrash Dimensional Drift Combo – At the moment, there is a combo to Gatecrash and dimensional drift that can help you get more out of the Ultimate. This might not be an official part of the kit though as it has a certain feel of a glitch or exploit about it. So the move might not be a permanent strategy. To pull it off, you need to teleport out of your Ultimate, bypassing the ending animation and significantly speeding things up.
  • Intel – Yoru’s positioning abilities rely heavily on you being well informed about how the game is progressing and where enemies are. You need to be receiving the intel from the Agents focused on that.
  • Brute Force Won’t Win Here – Brute force isn’t going to get you far with Yoru. His abilities are relying on you using tactics and advanced map knowledge to get ahead. If you don’t want to think about that kind of stuff regularly throughout a game, then Yoru isn’t the right Agent for you. 

Valorant Yoru is a great addition to the game, and there is a lot that you can do. Our other guides to Valorant cover the game’s more general aspects and how to improve with the game: