Solution for Ultrawide Issue FIX – Widescreen monitors

From the very beginning of closed beta version Valorant game is always compared to the games like Fortnite, CS: GO, because of the expectation that Valorant will be the top shooter game.

In CS: GO the players are habituated to play this first-person shooter game on a 4:3 Aspect ratio. A screen which is stretched which may be have the black bars on the side, this kind of screen is considered as a perfect screen environment by many from many years.

Also, there are some players who love to play games on a screen that have a 16:9 aspect ratio. But unfortunately, in Valorant this widescreen is not supported. Those who are habituated with 4:3 or 16:9 ratio screen, this is going to be a serious problem for those players in-game, in Valorant. The players those who are making their habit of playing shooting game in widescreen, to play Valorant this is going to be a huge problem.

Widescreen aspect ratio is also not supported in Valorant. So, we have a smart fix for both the problems to help the players.


By going to Valorant screen players can easily solve the overstretching problem on widescreen monitors and by changing the graphics settings a little bit.

Firstly, change the resolution of the pre-set to 2,560 x 1,440 16:9. After that, you can see that the screen will set to stretched mode. By this player can enjoy the game with a compact view of it, but one problem is there that the black bars are still there on the screen side.

Now, we have to go back to the settings and from there we have to choose ‘fill’ along with ‘windowed fullscreen’. Then the black bars will be invisible from the screen side. But the game still is stretched mode. To overcome this lastly, change ‘windowed fullscreen’ to ‘fullscreen’ and by this the resolution will perfectly fits on the screen, and you can enjoy the wide view screen experience.

The developers’ team of Valorant, are against with the stretched 4:3 ratio screen, they don’t want the players to use it. But also, there is some solution for this issue also.


If you use NVIDIA graphics card, then open the NVIDIA control panel, and row to ‘Display’.


After that go to ‘Adjust Desktop Size and Position’, from there we have to select ‘Fullscreen’ and that will do the trick.


But, after that also the black bars are there inside the screen. If you want the black borders choose ‘Aspect Ratio’ option. If the above tricks are fails then we have to choose ‘GPU’.


As we can see that to enjoy the widescreen display view in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ration screen then we have to do some tricks to achieve that. But for a game to be a most wanted game this problem is not justified. But also, we have to keep one thing in mind that after some months of beta period Valorant is launched successfully. After some time, Riot surely will make some fixes for these problems, to give the players the widescreen view. And in the terms of competition Valorant already give everyone a tight competition from the closed beta period and now also after the official release. Riot Games always give the priority to the opinions and comments of the fans, so surely, they will also look upon on it. And like from the first day they want to give the best gaming experience to the players via Valorant, they will also take these problems into their consideration. With future updates the solution will come hopefully.

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