Valorant Showdown: Twitch Rivals FINAL RESULT

  • First tournament of Valorant which is Twitch Rivals has come to an end.
  • A celebration of the official release.

From Europe and North America pro eSports player like Jonathan ‘EiGE’ Jablonowski, Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won, Lucas ‘Mendo’ Hakansson, came into Showdown. And also, streamers like Gotaga, Lisa ‘STPeach’ Vannatta, Jeke ‘JakrNBake’ Abramson and many more also join the showdown. This showdown is the first-ever tournament after the closed beta session of the game. Riot and Twitch came up with a partner for this big tournament. From every region, many players and teams did participate in this tournament, rewards and exciting prize money are there. In Europe and North America region, this tournament makes its success.

The final Showdown results are as follows:

Europe 1 Final Placement in Twitch Rivals

In Group 1 of Europe, Mixwell team took the grip tightly by dominating the brackets. They also took the convincing first place by wining six out of six matches to go through the title match.

The wining team consisted of pro players like Ardis ‘ardiis’ Svarenieks, Oscar ‘mixwell’ Canellas Colocho, William ‘draken’ Sundin, those who are coming from EU Counter-Strike in Valorant to grab a promising place.

1. Team Mixwell6-0$12,250
2. Team ONSCREEN5-1$7,250
3. Team bonkar4-1$4,750
4. Team Lutti3-2$4,250
5. Team Mickalow3-1$3,500
6. Team Valkia2-2$3,000
6. Team Solaaaa2-2$3,000
6. Team Skyyart2-2$3,000
Final Placement of Group 1 (EU)

Europe 2 Final Placement in Twitch Rivals

Between many European bracket, Team Duno took the first place. This team had CS: GO pro players like Dmitriy ‘dimasick’ Matvienko, and Vladyslav ‘arch’ Svistov, who is a Counter-Strike player now came to Valorant. In the title matches they win six out of six matches. In Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan CS: GO game is really very popular, but Valorant catching the pro players from CS: GO and also throws a wave, as the gameplay of Valorant is quite similar with CS: GO. The flake of the game attracts player.

1. Team Duno6-0$12,250
2. Team wtcN5-1$7,250
3. Team Izak3-2$4,250
3. Team gdolphnn3-2$4,250
5. Team Nookyyy3-1$3,500
5. Team Exileshow3-1$3,500
6. Team Lothar2-2$3,000
6. Team Orb2-2$3,000
Final Placement of Group 2 (EU)

North America Final Placement in Twitch Rivals

In NA, Team Brax(T1) managed to win the game over Team Myth (TSM). On map one Team Brax took 13-7. Where Team Myth came will a fill defence into map three. Both the teams are equally good where one team put more fight. Ans it’s hard to say who is the most ferocious team from North America.

1. Team Brax5-0$10,250
2. Team Myth4-1$7,250
3. Team sh0ts3-1$4,750
3. Team Mendo3-1$4,750
5. Team Dizzy2-1$1,750
5. Team JakenbakeLIVE2-1$1,750
5. Team fl0m2-1$1,750
5. Team JordanFisher2-1$1,750
9. Team TenZ1-2$1,250
9. Team Aceu1-2$1,250
9. Team StPeach1-2$1,250
9. Team Bnans1-2$1,250
13. Team Hiko0-3$750
13. Team Kephrii0-3$750
13. Team CDNThe3rd0-3$750
13. Team AustinCreed0-3$750
Final Placement of North America

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