Valorant Pros are Tired of Running and Gunning

A game that listens to fans could possibly be the best game ever. Riot Games has been doing just that with Valorant. Under its ‘Ask Valorant’ program, Riot lets players ask questions all over social media. It takes up most of the burning questions from the community and answers them through a blog post.

On December 24, Riot released another edition of the developer blog. They went over issues like rank progression, hidden crosshairs, and how Riot has no plans for a story mode. While these answers satisfied most players, it was nothing that concerns professional players.

Professional players, on the other hand, have other problems with the game. For a while now, they have been asking Riot to decrease the accuracy of weapons as players shoot while running.

Competitive Valorant players urge Riot to reduce running accuracy

After Riot Games published the dev blog, many pro players brought one of the most burning issues to light once again. Previously, Liquid ScreaM brought up how the moving accuracy is broken in Valorant. He said that he expects Riot to nerf it in upcoming updates.

After the recent dev blog, other players such as 100 Thieves nitr0 and TSM Subroza also talked about the urgency of a running accuracy nerf. In fact, nitr0 went so far as to say this is actually the #1 thing he wants from the game.

After nitr0, TSM Subroza also followed suit. He also agreed that there is something wrong with the moving accuracy in the game. It enables players to still shoot accurately while running, which makes it very easy to run and gun around the map. There is no stopping these players.

Coupled with the ults of a lot of Agents in the game, this becomes absolutely unbeatable. A lot of times the community urges Riot to nerf certain Agents. However this might be the nerf the game needs to make it more balanced. Often while criticizing Valorant, players complain that it is very unbalanced. Maybe this is exactly the medicine Riots FPS game needs to get back on track.