VALORANT players discover another way to reach skybox on Ascent with Raze

VALORANT Raze Dark scaled

Players have found multiple spots to reach the skybox on Ascent in VALORANT throughout the last few weeks. Raze can reach a new area with her abilities discovered in the attackers spawn on Ascent. 

One VALORANT player stood on the small maintenance hole in the attackers spawn at the beginning of the round and threw their satchel charge in front of them. When the round started, they activated Raze’s ultimate ability and boosted themselves with the rocket and satchel charge simultaneously. 

The maneuver boosted Raze onto the roof of a building with a view towards A site and the middle of the map. They managed to kill one player peaking mid and could cover Heaven for their teammates. 

Reaching this spot is difficult and requires precise timing with Raze’s abilities. It also requires her ultimate ability, which is expensive and could be wasted trying to reach the area. Raze also needs to use her second satchel charge to get down without dying as the long drop will deal massive fall damage. 

Players recently found a way to reach the skybox in the middle of the map with Raze on Ascent, but this spot was tougher to reach as players are exposed to enemies. Jett can reach a similar spot above the catwalk in mid, but it also requires her ultimate ability to be effective. 

These multiple spots on Ascent can provide an unfair advantage but are expensive and challenging to reach. Players will only have to worry about these locations every few rounds, but they should still check them to avoid being an easy kill. 

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