VALORANT players can unlock several items in the Episode 2, Act One battle pass

VALORANT Episode Two, Act One is just around the corner, and fans can expect a new battle pass featuring dozens of items to unlock.

The battle pass will include 12 gun skins, a melee skin, and several other cosmetic items perfect for decorating your weapons. The Act One battle pass will cost 1,000 VP, which is roughly $10.

Players will unlock each tier as they play matches and earn  XP, and each tier will reward a player with a cosmetic item. The pass includes 12 gun skins for weapons like the Phantom, Classic, and Operator. 

Fans can also unlock an exclusive melee weapon in the pass, and all players will unlock the Infinity Classic and its three variants at level 50. The Infinity Phantom also has three variants that players can unlock with Radianite points. 

“We saw how much players loved the variants in the previous battlepass, so we wanted to offer them again this time around on the Infinity skin,” Sean Marino, the art lead for VALORANT said. “Aerosol was probably the most fun skin to make of the three. Our concept artist had a blast decorating the skin with lots of stickers and fun easter eggs, which I’m excited to see the community discover and pick apart.” 

The battle pass also includes various sprays that can help players communicate or have fun with their teammates. The “Going C” spray can let players know their next move or be used as a joke on maps without a C site. The “Lit for 140” spray is perfect for players who can never manage to finish off an enemy. 

New Gun Buddies, including a salt shaker gun buddy, are also featured throughout the battle pass. Omen and Sage fans can also represent their favorite agents with the new Omen and Sage Versus Card.

Episode Two, Act One begins on Jan. 12 and ends on March 1.

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