VALORANT players can teleport into the defenders’ spawn on Ascent with Yoru’s Gatecrash ability

VALORANT Ep2 Launch Screenshot 10A Yoru X 1536x864 1

VALORANT players finally have access to Yoru and are trying to find the best ways to use the agent and his unique abilities. One player recently found a line-up spot for his Gatecrash ability that allows Yoru to teleport into the defenders’ spawn at the beginning of the round on Ascent. 

The Gatecrash line-up spot is relatively easy and players can likely perform it consistently with a little practice. Yoru must stand in a corner in Mid Link on Ascent. Players need to use the UI to make sure they’re standing in the correct location, though.

If done correctly, Yoru’s Gatecrash ability will make it to the defenders’ spawn despite hitting multiple walls along the way. Players can use this to teleport behind enemies early in the round and get a few easy kills before their team pushes a site. 

Enemy players can see the Gatecrash ability while moving and can destroy it, however. Clever players can also wait for Yoru to spawn in the new location for an easy kill. This line-up spot goes directly through mid, which means at least one player will likely see it moving. But players can still use it to their advantage if their teammates distract the enemy at other locations to cover Yoru’s ability. 

It’s still too early to tell if Yoru will be a popular agent and replace an existing duelist in team compositions. He could become a viable agent if players continue to find line-up spots and creative ways to use his abilities