Valorant Player Community Unhappy With Ninja and Myth as Exclusive First Strike Co-Streamers

Riot Games has contributed a number of hit titles to the world of eSports, with League of Legends perhaps the most iconic one. Currently, with Valorant, Riot is looking at its next big thing in the global competitive scene.

The hugely popular tactical FPS title is about to get its own global championship next year, known as the First Strike. It had been recently announced that the official co-streamers for the First Strike North America will be Ninja and TSM Myth.

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Given the stature of Ninja in the streaming circuit and Myth’s association with the game, these two seem like the obvious choice of co-streamers for a championship this huge. However, the player community is not convinced about this decision.

On the Valorant Competitive subreddit, user u/AnOldMonkOnDMT posted a status stating his displeasure with the decision. The first issue the user raises is that there are only two co-streamers for the North American audience. The second is the choice of streamers.

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The Valorant community is not pleased with Riot’s choice of co-streamers for First-Strike North America

Indeed, co-streaming for a championship is quite different than the regular streaming of an event on a public channel. Furthermore, the one co-streaming for a global championship has to have the skills necessary to be a caster as well. Now, while there is no doubt that Ninja knows the game, he has not been in this role before.

The points this user raises are solid ones. He also suggests other names that could have taken the co-streaming spot, like Sliggy, Sideshow, and Sean Gares. Another user, u/fellanumberone agreed with him and added the name of the PlatChat guys as well.

“I was disappointed as well. They should let the Plat Chat guys be one of the co-streams for the people that want to listen go more in-depth about the play rather than just hype men. I loved watching Sideshow’s co-streams when he had a group of others with him talking about it as well. Hopefully, they will learn this and do this for the next one.”

Judging by the comment box, a lot of players want Sideshow to be one of the co-streamers for the tournament. Since this is the first-ever global championship for Valorant, Riot should be careful with its choice as it may make or break the competitive future of the game.