Valorant: Player Bags a Hilarious Ace in Competitive

Recently, the Valorant community saw what might be the fastest, although debatable, Ace in the competitive scene of the game. Reddit user, u/ArchmageBane, posted this clip on the subreddit dedicated to the game. In the video, we see the player (player tag ‘Chicken’) getting an Ace for his team on the Icebox map.

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For obvious reasons, this has sparked quite a discussion among players in the comments section. Most of the viewers claim that this is a staged video made for fun. A major reason to believe this is that although it was a ranked competitive match, the opponent team was winning by a margin of 4 rounds.

On the other hand, a lot of players are questioning the credibility of the phrase “fastest ace in competitive,” in the post’s caption. A user, Fettibomba-_-, commented, “I think the fasted ace was posted while valorant was still in beta: the round started, a brimstone ulted A on Split and killed everyone because they were all in a corner.”

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Can this be a smurf account throwing the team a bone in Valorant competitive?

The Reddit user who posted this claims that the opponents used their smurf accounts in the match. This seems highly believable given the way they handed this team a win for one round, almost as if throwing them a bone.

The way these players were ready to throw a round made it clear that they did not really care about their account stats, thereby further strengthening the smurf theory. Overall, we can all probably agree that this was a planned defeat, most likely to have fun.

Using smurf accounts in Valorant ranked competitive has been a persistent issue in the game. A lot of players have been using smurf accounts to bag easy kills in lower-tier lobbies in competitive. Recent data showed a spike in the number of players in the lower ranks. Many believe that this is because of the presence of plenty of smurf accounts.