Valorant Pistols Round Guide – Best Gaming Settings

Valorant is a game that is often won and lost by the way you manage your economy. You’ve got to think about Agent abilities, weapons, and it all comes down to resources. However, there are rounds where none of that is relevant. Rounds where all you have are pistols and whatever minimum resources you can gather. The Valorant pistols round isn’t anyone’s favorite part of the game. It’s the round where all you have to your name are pistols. So, is there any point in trying? The Valorant pistols round can actually be a really important part of the game. It can set you up for an easy win, and help give your team the momentum that you need in a match to keep winning rounds and having more equipment available.

This Pistols Round guide covers what you need to know to get the most out of this phase. This skillset is applicable beyond just the initial round though. Becoming more skilled at using the basics in Valorant is going to make it much easier for you to run low-cost rounds. It also helps with your general aim and ability with weapons. Overall, getting better with the Valorant pistols round is going to help you to improve with the whole game.

Valorant – How to get Better at Pistols Round

Valorant Pistols Guide

The pistols in Valorant are a good representation of a lot of the larger mechanics behind the gunplay in the game. As you get better with the pistols, you’ll improve in these areas with other guns too. These are the things you need to master in the Valorant pistols round. If you can do this, then this improved knowledge and technical ability will carry over to other weapons.

First Shot Accuracy in the Pistols Round

In Valorant, your first shot is probably the most important. You get increased accuracy for the first shot from a weapon. If you manage to hit a headshot too, then this is a big bonus. However, you should focus on hitting your first shot no matter where on the body. It can do more damage and have more accuracy.

In the pistols round, getting the first shot in can really improve your performance given how limited your options are. An accurate first pistol shot is going to do some proper damage and actually advance your team’s position in the round. Take your time before acting against an enemy. Don’t just spray.

Valorant Pistols Guide

When peaking or when you spot an enemy, take a second to line up your shot. If you’re too slow the first few times that is kind of a positive. It means you’re actually taking the time to aim, and improving. It is better to have a slower aim that increases while keeping accuracy than getting lucky while spraying. Once you’re back with a normal weapon, the increased accuracy will make a big difference.


If we’re discussing that first shot accuracy then the question of headshots is bound to pop up. They’re harder to hit, but the best way to do real damage with a pistol. A lot of the dynamic with headshots in the pistols round comes down to the weapons that you normally play.


If you typically use an Operator then you might not have any problem here. You’re likely already good enough at going for the head on different agents. If you usually use something that’s more focused on spray, things are different. There’s a good chance you habitually aim for the body instead of the head. Try to get out of the habit of doing this in the pistols round. Take the time to go for the head, since the body doesn’t offer very much damage in this area.

As with the first shot accuracy, taking longer to aim is going to be beneficial in the long run. You’re building muscle memory with hitting moving targets and hitting them in the right place. It can be frustrating to aim slower, but speed comes with skill.


Valorant Pistols Guide

Counter strafing is a whole topic of itself. We have a full guide to it here, and its definitely a mechanic that you’ll need to master to make the most out of the Valorant pistols round. This compensates for the movement of your weapon and helps you to be more accurate without having to be a stationary target.  The pistol round is the perfect testing ground while you’re learning this mechanic.

Jump Peaking and Shooting in the Valorant Pistols Round

A jump peak or shoot can be a good way to throw off an enemy’s line of sight in the Valorant pistols round. Since your options are limited in this stage, this maneuver can make a big difference. It can be deployed to mix up an enemy’s aim when you’re peaking against another player. A jump peak can also help you gather intel while limiting your own exposure to damage.  Jump shooting can give you the extra second you need to line up your aim for a kill.

Remember Map Control and Approaches

 Often low economy or pistol rounds are played with a certain defeatism by a team. Players don’t think they have the options to do as well as they can, so don’t bother as much. One of the biggest things you can do to improve in the Valorant pistols round is to teat it as seriously as your most well-stocked round. Remember everything you know about operating in each map, the best approaches, and the Chokepoints you need to clear. If you’re unsure on those, our Valorant map guides can help you out:

How to Get Better at the Pistols Round

The Valorant pistols round might not be the most fun, but improving at it can quietly make a big difference for the entire way that you play. Improving your skill with a pistol transfers to all other weapons. The pistols round lets you gain in-game practice with key mechanics like counter strafing, which can all be applied to every weapon in the game. If you’re looking to improve in other areas in Valorant, then our other guides are going to be helpful too.