Valorant Patch 1.02 Issues with Ranked Matchmaking

If you are waiting for the first day of official launch to try ranked matchmaking feature of Valorant then unfortunately you have to wait for a little more. After the previous one patch 1.02 is a big update and came with lots of changes and also some game-breaking bugs are there for running the matchmaking experience. Because of these bugs Riot Games now disabled ranked mode all over the region and after patching up they will launch them again, which might be tomorrow or some days later.

There are mainly two bugs which are affecting Valorant right now:

Valorant bug spawn in the base of the enemy

Yes, it is true right now this is a big issue in Valorant which makes players spawn in the enemy base after ending one round.

Valorant Patch 1.02 Opposite Spawn Glitch
Image Courtesy – Reddit

Game director of Valorant, Joe Ziegler, Twitter that developers found a bug that makes players spawn in the enemy space.

Ghost mode during normal matchmaking in Valorant

In custom games of Valorant Ghost Mode is a feature, which allows players to fly from one space to another space through the obstacles. During the public unrated game, this ghost mode becomes accidentally available.

Especially those who have the ghost mode feature bound to a hotkey. DisciplinedPenguin post in Reddit about his experience with this bug.

Ghost mode is normally saved for custom matches, permitting players to empower cheats and fly around the guide to explore different avenues regarding capacities. In any case, players who binded the ghost mode on a hotkey had the option to squeeze it to empower the component in an public match.

This bug creates more problems than the first one. Although, Riot developers are aware of this bug and also will fix this problem quickly.

Anna Donlon also added:

“This morning we decided it would be cool to let players fly around the maps to see the changes we made. JK, it was a bug caused by ongoing refactoring of how observer slots work. Code is weird sometimes. Fix was quickly identified and deployed. Thanks for putting up with us.”