Riot thinks Valorant Operator “isn’t overpowered”

The Operator in Valorant is a problematical weapon. Sniper costs 4,500 Creds, but it’s become unstoppable if it goes to the right person. Many players raised their voice for the to nerf of the Operator, but Riot thinks that the Operator is not overpowered and it’s ok. They don’t have any plan for Operator changing.

The operator in Valorant is pretty incensing. It can kill enemies with a one-shot in the body, no other gun in the game have this much ability. It needs 4,500 Creds.

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Valorant Operator nerf

Many Valorant players think that this operator is too overpowered. It requires that the teams cannot buy this operator two or three to use in the game. It needs some change in stats or in the price.

Image courtesy: Valorant Locker

Riot thinks that this is not a problem of the Operator but it is a problem of the players. According to the lead character designer of Valorant, Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott, the operator is totally fine and Riot will nerf the other things than the gun.

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During a stream on July 23, he said that according to them there is a perfect balance in the game, only the utility is working low, But the Operator is totally fine. He also stated that the players starting a fight with the Operator in the wrong way. By default, according to the previous design is you are walking around the corner and also OP is there, you die, this is not a problem and it’s not going to change anyway.

The Meta is enhancing the realized problem which needs to run Sage and Cypher in the time of neglecting the OP counters. Instead of nerfing the OP, there are other problems that need a solution. The problem is that when players are running a Reyna, or a Breach, or a Phoenix those who have the flash-like utility because the flash like utility is not strong enough compared to the featured gun in Valorant.