Valorant: North American Teams in the Twitch Rivals

The official release of Valorant is going to be celebrated with a global championship tournament in Twitch . There are great prizes for the players to grab it. Twitch will be hosting Twitch Rival competition with a partnership of Riot Games. There will be more than 300 participants and worth $200,000 prize money for the team.

Twitch Rivals_Format
Picture Courtesy – SportsKeeda

The event will be arriving at all the regions globally like Europe, South America, South Korea, and North America. The teams will be taking this match very seriously as there is lots of prize pool and for each region, there will be prizes differently.

Twitch Rival format and prize pool

A total of $42,000 prize pool is offered by NA for the winners. Which is less than EU, but still a good amount.

Twitch Rivals Groups_NA
Picture Courtesy – SportsKeeda
Twitch Rivals Groups_NA
Picture Courtesy – SportsKeeda

The teams are already showing off their piled rosters before the competition and all the teams are going all out.

Team TenZ

At the helm with superstar Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, we think that TenZ is going to cut through their competition like before they did in North America Rivalry Bowl.

TenZ team has near about 5 members in their squad same as Rivalry Bowl. These players might not sign officially for the Valorant tournament, they did play under C9 banner. These players are sticking with each other till now which is a good sign. We feel that they will bring a huge amount of synergy, they are the tournament favorites for most of us.

Team Brax

Complete T1 Valorant roster of ‘Crashies’, ‘food’, ‘AzKos’, ‘Brax’, ‘Skadoodle’ is made out by the team Brax. Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham was newly added to T1. By this, the team has some young talents and calm headed shot calling. Brax is the helmet for the team for now. Once this most promising game monster has his carrier short for 5 years ban in CS: Go, and also, he and his teammates caught in a scandal about match-fixing. Although, Valorant gives these young talents another chance to show up their skill and make their carrier in the eSports world again.

Team Aceu

This team is the most heaped roster out of all the NA teams those who participating in this tournament of Twitch Rivals. They have ‘shahzam’,’dapr’, ‘zombies’, who are tree ex incredible pro-CS: GO players. The name of the team decided after Brandon “Aceu” win, known for this montage clips on both Valorant and CS: GO. The caption of the team will be another CS: GO superstar Jonathan “ELiGE” Jablonowski, whose shot-calling skill and presence can make this team like a well-oiled machine. But he is not looking to shift from CS: GO to Valorant.

Team Hiko

Hiko and some of the Gen.G players’ plates their first Valorant tournament after being signed up 100Thieves. Gen.G already completed a major tournament if Valorant in its closed beta period. The full Gen.G team is not taking part in the Valorant tournament but Hiko makes them look horrible as a team.

Team Myth

Team Myth have four players in their team from TSM Valorant squad, and one who is not in the squad, but the part of TSM organization. The caption of this team will be Ali “Myth” Kabbani who has received many praises by the Valorant stream and for the creation of highlight reels. Now, in this competition time, he has to prove his ability for himself and also to show what he can do.

The NA Twitch Rival, the official first even tournament of Valorant is going to be a crazy one. This tournament will be judged by the brackets, fans will be very much excited for this amazing tournament after the official launch of Valorant.

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