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When everyone is up to the new agent of the Valorant game, Reyna, the first look of Valorant’s new map Ascent comes into picture by a leaked version of the map. The live-action of the map, Ascent just makes everyone starstruck. The 11th and latest agent of Valorant game came into the picture, Riot revealed this agent called Reyna who is a Mexican. The announcement of Rayna makes the players more enthusiastic. The only 30-second official video of the playing scene posted on Twitter and just got viral over the internet. Reyna’s playing skill and little of her ability is shown in this short video. But there is no explanation of Reyna’s power and ability. Just we can understand that she has some power to heal the players. She appears primarily on purple and black color on the video.

When all the attention was combated to the agent, Reyna, and his abilities, another big revel was there in front of us. The name was rumored as Ascent, which is a distinctly Italian theme map on the city of Venice.  In the online gaming world, Valorant is the new sensation for every gamer and millions of gamers already started playing the game at the closed beta phase to renew the special player card as announced at twitter as a lucky player. The beta features of the treemaps are Split, Bind, and Haven. The data-miner was able to find some coding of the map called Ascent according to him, at the backend files of the game. Several textures like street lamps, construction equipment, some street shops, gondola boats, pizza boxes on which something is written on Italian and etc. As this texture which is perfectly fitted for Venice for Italy, he concluded that the game has the theme of Italy. Not only just this texture but the actual layout of the map is disclosed. The layout of the game is:

Image Source – Twitter (@ValorantSource)

In the design of the map, there is an area in the middle, some pathway series, and some access points that will help the team player to defend then or to attack the enemies. As followed by the development of the Valorant game Venetian theme is there with this game. In past, on March 2, when the official 30-minute teaser video of Reyna published on twitter from there we can see the theme is very much connected to Italian city, and also Rayna was a Mexican character. One of the artists associated with the Valorant game posted an article and says like ‘Rise of Venice’. Riot confirmed that a new version of the map will be there in the game, which will launch with the game on June 2. But as of now, we can’t expect much though the first look of Reyna builds the level of our expectation to a very high level.

The developing team is really wanting to connect with the community and make sure that they can fulfill all the requirements they players have. If this kind of communication with the developer and player continues, it is easy to say that the fan base will increase day by day.  Right now, the developing team of Valorant trying to give a top-notch experience on PC for the players.  The game is now in closed beta, the real game will begin when it comes to the internet into full fledge.

For gamers this game is going to be really crazy. For more real experience everybody has to wait until the official release is done. After that, the real experiences, bugs, issues everything will come into daylight. But the craze of this game as of now is really good. Maybe all are thinking that after official release this craze will go on.

The new agent, Reyna then the new map Ascent builds up the excitement at a new level. Players are looking forward to this game, as they are expecting that something bigger will come with the official release of the Valorant game on June 2. The Valorant game team has decided for many launching activities for the players, to be a part, and to explore more about this game. After getting the overwhelming response by the fan Riot announced an online tournament of Valorant. For the launching of the game Riot Games and Twitch makes partnership and most important thing is that they announce a $200,000 launch tournament. In the first week of June, this tournament will take place, after releasing all over the world. This is a team-based and first-person shooter game which is going to release in the second week of June. This is a multiplayer game. This game makes the gaming world crazy. Valorant is the first attempt of Riot Games’, after the successful beta testing period finally this most hyped game-breaking all records of twitter, is ready to release on market officially. Already this game makes gamers crazy. Shooting games like counter strike, CS GO both of them are full of craze and gamer’s top choice for playing one man shoot. But when the news of this game comes into pictures this game attracts all the gamers and just left the popular games they used to play, only for Valorant game. Valorant is free and online multiplayer game current is not available because of the beta stage segment. The full and latest game is coming into the picture soon. This game is safe to install, as it has an anti-cheat of the kernel. The craze for this game is really on point. Already this game started to break the internet. After the successful beta testing which put an end on 28th May, finally on June 2 is there, just a couple of days wait and next Tuesday the Valorant game comes with a bang.


The official releasing date of the game Valorant comes near. This game comes with a bunch of really interesting features, then Agents and maps are revealed in front of the gamers and the hype of this game going higher and higher. Moreover, the new map Ascent which is designed based on the city of Italy, Venice. By this map, gamers can predict the outcome of the game. In the beta testing period if the game can draw this much attention, then after the launch it can do more than one can imagine. The appreciation and praise of the new agent and map have received is something really interesting and overwhelming.

Stay tuned to for more crazy articles about Valorant game.

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