Valorant fans want a nerf to exploitable mechanics while jumping

All the Valorant players are out appealing for a fix about the mechanism that has come as a bug that gives the aimed accuracy of the players reset after landing from a jump, sometimes these resets are exploitable.

In many competitive FPS games, there is a feature to recoil after landing from a jump as the agents are continuously displaced. But the developers make the shots erratic while in the air to make the game more structured and well maintained.

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In Valorant while you land on the ground it seems like an almost instant effect took place on the aiming accuracy of the shot.

valorant jumping exploit
Image Courtesy – Youtube

Valorant exploitable mechanics while jumping

After breaking down, a user EarthlingKira saw that a formative effect with the Phantom and Vandal can make the headshots easy for pulling it off. EarthlingKira said that in high Elo games it seems like the players take advantage of the accuracy after placing their feet on land after jumping.

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This recovery time in Valorant is too small with Phantom and Vandal, after landing players can shot instantly. In their clip, it seems like few shots are made on the enemies while in the air, but after placing their feet on the ground it instantly returned a headshot. The accuracy of the first bullet needs some skill from the player firing this, but landing a shot could have been imposed on the mechanic. According to EarthlingKira when the knowledge will stretch it will be accused more and more.

Accuracy directly after jumping must be nerfed from r/VALORANT

They said that this issue will be stretched more and more in the future to a peek position. To prevent this from running rampant in Ranked more 300-500 milliseconds time is enough for recovery after a jump.

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According to EarthlingKira, this thing will reduce the competitive fidelity in Valorant, although many other players think that this mechanics is fine. Row21Coulmn7 explained that this is exactly like Counter-Strike 1.6. This is not clear now for Valorant if the developers are desired to implement this, but after making the updates in initial features, Riot will look into this mechanism as well.

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