Valorant match problem for “win-by-two’ OT

From the closed beta period, Valorant was facing many criticisms because of the length of the matches, now the new OT rules are making the matches longer than before matches and it is making a serious problem for the players.

At the beginning of June, when Valorant came out from the shelter of the closed beta period from then this FPS game of Riot Games’ making waves in the gaming world, many pro players from different established FPS games make a shift into Valorant to experience the game, and to test their luck.

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Valorant problems:

A good number of Pro players who make their name in Valorant also came from the games like CS: GO, and the players found their choice is pretty cool. At the beginning of July, Valorant enforces a new feature of change to the game that allows the players to win the game in a draw, with a “win-by-two” rule.

Valorant map
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The effect of this minor change became evident during ‘need more DM’ and ‘Team xz’ match, with the first map the game lasts for one hour and two minutes.

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Obviously, it’s become very monotonous for the viewers to watch this long match in a single Valorant map, but the players who are participating for them this become a never-ending match.

Valorant match
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This is not only the problem of the players and pro players but the tournament organizers those who schedule the matches this becomes a very major issue for them if the matches will continue for this long time.

This is not compulsory that every match will last for so long. Because now Valorant is the phase of developing and growing so this kind of unpredictable long matches will definitely make the matches boring.