Valorant Map Call Outs ULTIMATE GUIDE

  • Four maps are there in the game: Split, Ascent, Haven, and Bind.
  • Each map has its own unique features.

Valorant, the 5v5 First-Person shooter game of Riot Games’ preen of gameplay which is much similar to CS: GO. The main objective to plant the pin to slow down the enemies or defend it.

Total 4 maps are there in Valorant, each map is very different from another for the different abilities of the maps in the zone of attacking and defending.

The 4 maps Ascent, Bind, Haven, Split all come with their own eye-catching abilities with the features like a call out spots, different orb begets positions. In this article, we will give you a quick overview of these four maps, the abilities of these, so that you can get familiar with these. Because these maps will help players to improve the gameplay of Valorant significantly.


Picture Courtesy – VALORANT Source (Twitter)

Ascent is the latest map added to Valorant and was launched with the Valorant’s official launch. The total map is based on Venice and has an Italian feel to this map. Many elements in this map make it clear that the map is based on Italy like pizza boxes, the Italian alphabets any many more.

Features: As Ascent is the latest addition these maps have a large open area in the middle, a large courtyard unlike other maps in Valorant. The large courtyard has two side pathways which are a shortcut to the pin plant locations in the map.

Other Features: There is a lot of closable doors in ascent. In each pin plant locations, there is a closable door, which helps the players to defend then from the enemies. This an advantage for the players. Though this panzer door can be broken by the enemies, but surely this will slow down them.

Ultimate Orb location: Two ultimate Orb can be found in this map; one is in A main and another one is in B main.


Picture Courtesy – PrimaGames

This two-site map is stuffed with long narrow corridors everywhere on the map. Lots of checkpoints are there for the defending team which acts as an ambuscade area.

Features: To get a fast plant off both site A and site B of the map have small access ways for the attackers. Through the checkpoint called “Showers” or through an avenue in the middle position of the map called “short A” to reach Site A. On another hand, through the marketplace window called “hookah” or through “Long B” to reach Site B.

Other Features: Two one-way teleporters are the most unique thing on this map. Two teleporters can take you from long B to the attacker’s side of showers and short A to attacker’s side of hookah. Quick rotation for the defending team is allowed by this, but when used they make a lot of noise and can be played all around.

Ultimate Orb Locations: Two Ultimate Orb can be found, one in inside the showers of A bath near site A and another one in front of teleporter at long B.


Picture Courtesy – PrimaGames

To reach one particular bomb location this map provides multiple ways. All the long and short areas are there on this map, this offers both types of gunplay. Some advantageous positions are also there for the players in the map and for this smokes and obscure vision ability is so important in Haven.

Features: This is the only map as of now which has 3 different plant sites, plant A, plant B, plant C. Site A is best penetrated through L-Shaped avenue and also from the underground passage, ‘sewers’. Site B can be penetrated from the window, the garage, and the courtyard. Site C also can be penetrated through the garage.

Unique Features: Some of the best sniping areas in the map are A long, A tower, C long. And holding these two areas can traverse the attacking team’s push completely from Site A to Site C.

Ultimate Orb Locations: Though there are 3 plant sites, there are 2 ultimate orb points, one is in A long and another one is in C long.


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On the first day of the closed beta period of Valorant this map was added to the game and brags of a sort of a metropolitan setting that has plant sites on far left and right on the map.

Features: To rotate a defending from one site to another one, it takes so much time. And it’s quite difficult to remove in time unless with ‘fast plant’ strategies the defender is caught in an unaware situation.

Unique features: This map has a dangling rope that the players can use to get up and get up to catch the enemies. At A Sewer, B rafters, and in the Mid Vent, these ropes can be found.

Ultimate Orb Locations: Like other maps here is also two orb locations found at A main and B main ‘garage’.

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