New Valorant agent Killjoy leaked gameplay audio and animations

Valorant’s 12th Agent Killjoy is coming to Valorant in 2020 seems, by all accounts, to be near secured, after a variety of late Killjoy turret movements, sound documents, and more were revealed inside the most recent update.

After a reservoir of new Killjoy audio files, animations, and many more were disclosed in the latest updated patch, the next Agent is coming to the game in 2020 but locked in.

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Recently the content structure is being discussed by Riot Games, new Agents are coming in every Act. Act II is still tended to release, but the new Agents is not anymore a secret.

Image Courtesy – Riot Games

Killjoy Valorant agent leaked on Reddit

A potential codename for the upcoming Agent outed by Leaks prior to the release of the game as ‘Killjoy’. In June many abilities were exposed, like a deployable apex abreast a new drone that swims throughout a map.

Everything interesting added in V1.03 (Datamined content, including new agent sounds, FFA mode outline, and Dragon set showcase.) from r/Valorant_Leaks

Riot is not able to cover the next character now, also more information will come under sunlight with the latest update. On July 7 with the release of Patch 1.03 data miners managed to pull the new files apart. Here in this addition, many in-game animation and audio file of Killjoy is also added.

From the update, a Killjoy animation was drawn, while the character model has not yet arrived for the Agent. This model embraces the hands and grits the teeth as some kind of arc appears in the building.

Also, A new game mechanic has been added to Valorant, players who have been inactive for a while become unranked until they have played 1 game since getting active again.

Image Courtesy – Reddit

According to ‘Mang0eLeaks‘, a Reddit user the name of this animation is ‘DetainedStateLoop’ and came with the ultimate ability of Killjoy. But the dataminers can’t bagatelle how this animation came. But the involvement is confirmed but the reason is not known.

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An audio file over 7 minutes is leaked also, damage cues, abilities sound, and many more. Also, the compilation sound of Robotics even a projectile shooting sound. This means many be a Drone ability or totally a new thing. In the audio 2 minutes and 27 seconds mark first, the current of Killjoy can be heard. As expected, the sound is like a chain gun, though the function is totally unknown to us.

Image Courtesy – Youtube

Although, no specific date is announced yet officially it seems like Killjoy is the next Agent in Valorant. On August 2, Act 1 will end (expected). So, it means some less amount of time is left and players don’t have to wait so much.

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