VALORANT leak reveals Episode 2, Act One battle pass

VALORANT’s Episode Two, Act One is just around the corner, and fans are looking forward to new content. A recent leak yesterday revealed a new agent named Yoru, who will likely be available in the next Act. Another recent leak revealed the Episode Two, Act One battle pass, which indicates players will have a lot of new content to unlock. 

The short video highlights the entire battle pass and shows what players will earn in each tier. It also shows a new loading screen of several characters, including Yoru on a helicopter pad, which appears to be on the map Icebox. 

Players will be able to unlock several new gun buddies, including what appears to be salt and pepper shakers, a small giraffe, and a little bug with a knife. Later tiers also feature a small red ornament, a samurai head, a small Icebox buddy, and a throwing star. 

A new green and gold skin for the Bulldog, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom will be available in the battle pass. Players can also unlock graffiti-themed skins for the Bucky, Shorty, Operator, and Odin. 

The battle pass also features new skins for the Ghost, Judge, Ares, and knife that are yellow with green liquid in parts of the weapon. Other cosmetic items like player cards, titles, and sprays are available throughout the pass, and players can also earn Radiante points to upgrade their skins. 

The new battle pass will likely cost the same as previous battle passes, 1,000 VALORANT Points, or roughly $10. VALORANT Ignition: Act Three ends on Jan. 12, and Episode Two, Act One will likely begin immediately after. 

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