Valorant Launching SOON

Finally, after so much of wait, the final time of countdown was here, knocking in our door. Valorant is the first attempt of Riot Games’, after the successful beta testing period finally this most hyped game-breaking all records of twitter, is ready to release on market officially on June 2. Not a day, but some more hours to go for the official launch of the Valorant game. Lots of surprises are waiting there for the gamers on the release date of Valorant on PC. After completing successful beta run the expectations of the players and the gaming teams are on point. As of now, still, the game is offline, though the fans are waiting and expecting some great news in the days coming.

Releasing time on PC:

Riot Games confirmed that the official release date is Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Valorant will launch tomorrow only for PC, But the great thing is that everyone can get access to this game in particular regions. The game is totally free. The Online battle of Valorant game is announced by Riot based on the requests and the craze of fans. The beta testing period is officially closed and there are lots of positive reviews about the game. Gamers are really excited about this game. The tournament is a celebration of the game. From every region, many teams are going to take place in this tournament. And it’s announced that one top team from every region will be honored by lots of prize money. Some of the confirmed regions are North America, Japan, Korea. LATM, Brazil, Europe. Riot confirms that some region is going to miss out, though this was told earlier to the fans. There are some regions like the middle east, Vietnam, and many regions they can’t go, but everyone is heartily welcomed by Riot games.

The regions like India, Vietnam the team will not be able to launch as of now according to the report. But the team confirms that they have some future plans for them but as of now they will be mapping to the SEA and EU servers. The latencies are higher than they can provide, but there is nothing to worry about it because the team knows that the players of these regions are also waiting to play this game, they said that they are working on it and updates are coming to make progress on these regions also. Many players are waiting to play this game and it will be so much interesting how Riot will deal with this amount of enthusiasm and surge. In Valorant servers, there are somethings that will be out of control of them like if someone wants to play continuously on Wi-Fi or like the ongoing negotiations of them.

Confirmation of Launch Time:

Riot games are also trying to provide a faster Valorant network to the players so that they can enjoy this game thoroughly without any lack. In those places where latencies are not meeting desirably many new Datacenters are already build to service the high demand of the players. On the current roadmap is to build up deployments of new game servers in Dallas, Warsaw, London, Atlanta, Madrid. The developer team of the Valorant game wanted to give the players a reward for skin buying during the beta process. The points and reward process of this game is nicely explained by Riot Games before the closed beta period. The rule is when a player is at full launch, they will provide you all the Valorant points you have and not only this but with an additional bonus of 20% for playing the game and for the engagement of this process during closed beta. And also, if you have some reward or any contracts in this beta period, you can’t get it after the launch, means you will lose these purchases, rewards, and collection that one player have.

As this is just the start of the whole concept, in many areas the latencies are not satisfied as up to the mark, but moving forward with the updates these problems are going to disappear. They Valorant team wants to make this game as good as possible for the players. There are seven competitive ranks that Valorant has, including Bronze, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Valorant. For gamers this game is going to be really crazy. For more real experience everybody has to wait until the official release is done. After that, the real experiences, bugs, issues everything will come into daylight. But the craze of this game as of now is really good. Maybe all are thinking that after official release this craze will go on.


A short window is provided to the fans by Riot games to enjoy the extravaganza of this game during the closed beta period until 28th May. The testing process of this game is going for the last few months and now finally after the testing period, it comes to its end. Tomorrow is the final day, the launch day. The game rules over the internet in its beta period, leaving all the games behind so it can be understood that the outcome after the official launch will be going to be so crazy. The team is moving forward to the launch as they want to begin the relationship between service and full of engagement. The first episode will be ‘IGNITION’, confirmed by the Riot games. Also, the new map, Ascent, and the new agent, Reyna is the points of interest for the players. New modes of the game will also be there on the launch time. Depending on the region the release time will differ, which is mentioned above in this article. In the first place, Asia will be there for the launch of Valorant. The closed beta period of this game is a big success.

Stay tuned with for more updates on Valorant.