VALORANT kicked from game ERROR FIX

The latest FPS game of Riot Games’, Valorant officially launched on 2nd June in many regions. In the closed beta period, this game gained lots of praise, and still after the game went live the popularity remains the same.

From the very fast moment of the launch, a countless number of players went to play this game and the server of the game got overloaded within an hour. Then the server crashed and went under emergency maintenance. This made a lot of problems for players across the globe who have had encountered Error codes 46 error code, 40 error code, 39 error code, 38 error code, and 43 error code, and lastly ‘version mismatch error‘.

After the emergency maintenance when the game went live again these errors seems to have been fixed. But as expected, one error is fixed and another one appears and ‘kicked from game’ error comes into the picture.

kicked from game ERROR:

During the last couple of days, Valorant players have faced an issue in the middle of the match. This error caused them to return back to the menu immediately from the middle of the match, where they can’t go back to the unfinished session, but they have to again join a new match.

No error codes will be received by the players who are facing this problem, and also no history of playing is there in the ‘Carrier’ column of the game. This is not a problem for the single players but when the players are playing the game as a team, the whole team also kicked out from the game and go back to the menu from the mid-way of the game.

Reason for this issue:

There is no exact reason for this issue. However, there is an utterance among the players that this can be another ban technique by Vanguard, the Anti-cheat system of Valorant.

But in the time of closed beta that being said that if the anti-cheat system wants to ban a player for the cheating issue, they should get an on-screen message, but here in this case no messages are there for the players. And we don’t feel that this problem is for the cheating. Maybe this error is for the server issue of the game. Riot will fix this problem as soon as possible.

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