Valorant – Jett Guide – Tips and Tricks

Valorant has fast become one of the most exciting Esports games. It is an arena shooter, but with distinct Agents to play as. Each offers different abilities and options for you. Deciding which agent to play as is a major part of mastering the game. Each is suited to a different type of player. Jett is a really interesting Agent to play as, but also kind of complicated. She has great mobility options. This is fun, but it also makes her technically complicated. Essentially, while the abilities are cool they kind of have a high skill barrier. If you want to get the most out of them, you’ll have to spend some time learning how to play as Jett in Valorant.

Jett isn’t as multipurpose as other agents out there like Phoenix. This doesn’t mean you have to write her off though. Her abilities are great for mobility, which itself has a lot of different uses. You can be one of the best duellists in the game using Jett. A little creativity with them (and a solid grasp of Valorant’s fundamentals) and you’ll be able to get great results from Jett. This guide covers everything you need to do know to do that.

Jett Ability Guide

Valorant Jett Guide

Jett’s abilities make her great for mobility but also for dueling. With this kind of variety, you’ll need to master each of Jett’s abilities to get the most out of this agent. This is one that is going to require in-depth knowledge of each map though. You’ll need to learn lines of sight and where spots are located that take advantage of verticality.


This is Jett’s passive ability. Holding the jump button allows you to glide. This lets you get a little more air time out of a jump, take a different route, or avoid fall damage. However, when used creatively it can give you access to unique spots and angles all around the map. This is just a passive ability, but it can work well when combined with other abilities.


Valorant Jett Guide

Cloudburst costs 100 credits, so bear that in mind when deciding what to buy in Valorant. This is a smoke grenade that you can throw, and you can curve it for a better control over the area you’re attacking. This has some similarities to Phoenix’s firewall. If you’ve spent time mastering the curve for one, you can use the same skills with the other.

  • Throwing out other abilities from within a cloudburst can work really well. It lets you boost off in one direction or take high ground while they can’t really make out your movements.
  • Cloudburst is a projectile and it is Jett’s most ‘normal ability’. It most resembles other abilities! It blocks your enemy’s line of sight.
  • Dropping the smoke in the right spot is the most important thing. A lot of this comes down to where your team is, and which line of sight needs to be blocked.


Valorant Jett Guide


This one also costs 100 credits and has near-infinite possibilities. At its core, this is a jump boost. You jump up and get an upward boost. In execution, this gives you access to many spots in the map that no one else can get too. You can take the high ground, find angles out of reach to most players, take shortcuts, and take the advantage in firefights.

  • This is one of the few abilities for vertical abilities, which makes it really important.
  • If you use Jett’s passive ability to float down, you can really extend this ability.
  • Use this to get the high ground. Often you can get a position or angle that isn’t normally accessible. This cuts down on enemies peaking at you.
  • Use it to get a better angle in a firefight or retreat. It has usability in these situations too.
  • You can use it to sail over traps or effects from enemy abilities that have been thrown out. Using it to reposition like this can help you turn the tide of a duel.
  • You can essentially dodge a lot of abilities if you have one of these in the pocket.
  • You can use it to jump over effects like smoke to gather intel on what is being blocked.
  • When combined with Jett’s floating and tailwind, this gives you massive mobility options.


This is another free movement; you get use of it after each set of two kills. This is a dash in the direction that you’re facing. It is another ability that can be as useful as you want it to be. Speeding away is fantastic for defensive and offensive moves. However, it is specifically good for positioning quickly.

  • This starts with one charge, but you get two after two kills.
  • You can dash while peaking after peak in an exposed area for a quick peek.
  • You can use it to retreat quickly, but this is the most boring use.
  • There is a weapon delay after using abilities. This makes it difficult to use aggressively, ignoring this is a common mistake you’ll see.
  • You can use tailwind to get to a better position to attack enemies rather than be aggressive. Don’t just burst towards an enemy, you won’t be able to fire just afterward. This allows you to set yourself up for the kill, but not risk exposure while you wait to be able to use your weapon.
  • Since this ability resets after kills, you can dash to a better spot, get a kill, then dash twice more. Chaining these dashes can make for some really effective plays.

Blade Storm

Valorant Jett Guide

This is an ultimate and one of Jett’s only true offensive moves. You draw blades that you can throw with great accuracy. A left click will throw one knife and the right click will throw all of them at once. If you get a kill, your knives get reset. Like every ultimate, this is a great move to throw out in most different types of rounds, whenever you can.

  • This is really powerful for Jett, as it should be as an Ult. What is impressive is the aim. When you aim at someone, you hit them. Strafing and moving have no effect on it!
  • This means you can use your other abilities while making use of these knives.
  • The knives can be used just after an ability, so that delay isn’t an issue after an ability here.
  • This can be chained for quite a long time if you can manage it.

General Jett Tips and Tricks

Valorant Jett Guide

These are some general tips and tricks for playing Jett the best that you can:

  • Jett’s mobility abilities are great, but kind of loud. Keep this in mind. Try to pick the time you use them carefully. Make sure you’re not just using one because it’s a more fun way of moving around.
  • Your speed is really increased with your abilities to move around quicker.
  • Shotguns and SMGs pair best with Jett’s fast and offensive abilities.
  • Try not to blow through your abilities defensively in a panic. It is easy to do this and it usually wastes them.
  • Use your mobility to take the best spot before a duel. Positioning is vital here. Jett has access to lines of sight that are completely different from other players.
  • Prioritize the mobility abilities. Other agents have similar abilities to smokescreen, so you should try and go for movement where possible.

Those are the tips and tricks that you’ll need to come out ahead in Valorant as Jett. Our other guides cover what else you’ll need to know about the game and some other agents: