Valorant: Is The Sprint-Shooting Mechanism Broken in the Game?

Valorant is one of the few games among the entire roster of tactical FPS titles out there that can be considered really balanced in terms of its gameplay elements. However, the game occasionally serves host to a few glitches and broken elements. But thanks to the devs at Riot Games, none of those issues ultimately end up being persistent. Recently, players have brought one such issue to the attention of the developer community.

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Those who play tactical FPS games on a daily know that strafing and sprinting increases the bullet spread of any automatic weapon. However, players in Valorant have found that the sprint-shooting mechanism in the game might be flawed, since sprinting has apparently not been making any difference to the bullet spread accuracy.

Valorant sprint-shoot mechanism might have a flaw, players point out

A player had pointed this out to the devs long ago on the Subreddit dedicated to the game. The devs had replied saying,

“Our intention is that most weapons, shotguns excluded, are not reliable when shooting in full movement state. If this becomes an effective or reliable way to shoot the weapons then we will definitely look to correct it.”

However, there are ways to maintain accuracy while sprinting. While you strafe in one direction, your speed gradually increases. But if you suddenly start strafing in the opposite direction, your speed goes down to zero before gradually picking up again.

This window, when you are at the least speed, is where you will have the highest accuracy. It is a bit hard to master, but it lets you get swift kills while dodging death yourself.

But the sprint-shooting issue in Valorant is currently a persistent one, and although it is not a major disadvantage (since everyone is facing this), it is a broken feature nonetheless. Devs should look into it and fix this before the game moves into its global competitive phase next year.