Valorant is About to Get a Test Server Next Year, According to Riot

Currently, Valorant is arguably one of the best competitive tactical FPS titles out there. However, every new update brings a host of bugs to the game, and thus follows a cycle of patch updates attempting to fix these issues and glitches. This, in turn, disrupts the player’s progress through the particular episode.

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In the latest episodes of Dev Diaries, Arnar Gylfason, Game Product Lead of Valorant, spoke about this issue at length. The glitches arise from the fact that Riot has over 150 devs working on different elements of the game. Therefore, issues and glitches arise after all these elements are put together.

Riot Games finally did what it should have done long ago and reached a solution that can avert the abundance of bugs in the game. Following the footsteps of eSports titles such as Rainbow Six Siege, Riot has decided to get a test server for Valorant.

A test server for Valorant might help players identify bugs before the patches hit the game

Test servers these days allow players to try out a new patch update before it hits the game. This way, both players and devs can further scrutinize the patch for glitches and bugs, if any, thus averting the risk of releasing a broken patch into the game. Valorant is on the way to building a completely competitive ecosystem around it. Therefore, this is a much needed change, because releasing a bugged update sets the game back.

Now, this is still an idea in the works. The current estimate is that the devs will be available to get a test server for the game by 2021, or that there will at least be more news to follow up on. But if the players make it a point to test out the updates beforehand, they will be doing their beloved game a favor.