Valorant HUD glitch RIOT Responded

A developer from Riot Games finally gave a reply to the game-breaking glitches of Valorant’s HUD, they have done nothing but just change the logging system and it seems like it is a very tricky fix.

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After some weeks of testing beta period, Valorant came globally on June 2 and give the players a fair chance to experience the game and also discover the new things and systems associated with it.

Valorant HUD glitch RIOT Responded
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This an FPS shooting game with some cool features, maps, and agents. From then the developers managed to release many updates with most wanted competitive mode. Though some problems are there. Players have registered in the system with freezing, frame rate, as well as some error codes like 7 and 29.

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Riot has been able to fix these problems as soon as possible but some glitches are still left between the most significant ones is the HUD. Some players have experienced that the heads-up display becomes disappear completely. This means that the players have no information about the teammates on the map, how much bullets are left, how the abilities are charged. Riot has been trying to fix this from beta and now finally can address it.

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Riot Response to Valorant’s HUD glitch

Riot games developer Kevin O’Brien, also named as Koalifer on social media, announced that the players have to check the Valorant logs from the game folder and pass on what comes when it’s filled with bugs.

The developer said that you can forward him a link and upload then on pastebin/Google Drive and some new loggings are added in the latest patch which ca keep the track of the issue. So, you can notice it and send it to the developer without any fail.


Though it is not a significant solution to the problem it seems like the developer team can find it out very quickly and the proper fix will be placed soon.  

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