Valorant for Consoles: Riot Games biggest challenge

From the very first day of FPS, Valorant was announced, the console lovers have been thinking how this game will make it to console and when will this happen. Finally, Riot becomes loud about the difficulties they have faced to do this.

On June 26, several Riot developers discussed many sets of topics in an interview with Eurogamer, which includes additional possible modes for the future as well as the challenges they have faced to bring Valorant to console players.

Valorant For Consoles

Principal engineer of Valorant, Felipe Romero, told Eurogamer that it is a challenge for the developers to create the same gaming experience for the players on the console controller as on PC. Romero said in the interview that is an FPS game Valorant needs precise aiming, recoil control, responsive movement, and being able to execute the abilities in a restricted amount of time.

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Valorant was designed in a particular way for the players to experience the game. He questioned that if it is possible in Valorant to execute a clutch play in Valorant using a controller.

xbox valorant
Image Courtesy – CNET

And how much movement and gaming assistance they can give the players without sacrificing the competitive environment. They want to make sure playing with the controller remains the same as the main version of the game.

New PlayStation or XBOX Valorant Support

They think that to achieve goal Valorant will be suitable at 120Hz on next-generation consoles. Initially, in Valorant the aggressive performance targets are fixed. During the development time, the team more focused on hitting high fame rates for a community used resolution.

ps5 sony
Image Courtesy – The Guardian

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Romeo said he certainly added the challenges to add console but he didn’t mention whether it will be added in the future or not. Riot developers said that they are thinking about PlayStation and Xbox in their cerebral shooter game, but this is uncertain as there is no as such an official announcement for this.

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