VALORANT First Strike NA main event: Schedule, bracket, scores, and standings

VAL First Strike

After four taxing qualifiers and hundreds of matches played, the VALORANT First Strike: North America main event is finally here.

The final stage for the first Riot-produced VALORANT event kicks off this Thursday, Dec. 3. Eight teams will face off against each other to compete for a $100,000 prize pool. The squad that comes in first place will have plenty to brag about as the top team in North America.

Fans can tune in to the event on the VALORANT_Esports_NA Twitch channel. Twitch stars Ninja and TSM Myth will also be exclusively co-streaming the tournament, Riot said.

Here are the scores, standings, schedule, and bracket for the First Strike main event.


Team Envy
Screengrab via Team Envy
  1. Team Envy
  2. 100 Thieves
  3. Sentinels
  4. Renegades
  5. TSM
  6. FaZe Clan
  7. T1
  8. Immortals

Bracket and schedule (times in CT)

Screengrab via


Thursday, Dec. 3

  • 3pm CT: Envy vs. Immortals
  • 6pm CT: Renegades vs. TSM

Friday, Dec. 4

  • 3pm CT: 100 Thieves vs. T1
  • 6pm CT: Sentinels vs. FaZe