Valorant Episode 1: Act 3 time and end date of Act 2

Valorant Episode 1: Act 2 is now live, but the players are already looking forward to the next Act. Here is everything you need to know about the Act 2 battle pass, how long it will run, and obviously when it will finish and Act 3 will come.

Act 1 came live and passed on Valorant, after the closed beta period two months are passed very quickly. In Act 1 there was a new map and also a new Agent Reyna, but in Act 2 nothing much is there at all.

Valorant Episode 1

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No new map is there, but a new Agent character Killjoy is there. Killjoy is a German technician and is now available in Valorant to play. Players can activate this agent contract through the Agents tab and can grind for tier five, or you can just pick her by 1,000 VP.

Killjoy is not Overpowered in Valorant

This is not only the one progression system in Valorant. A new Act means it contains new Battle pass with lots of sprays, players cards, skins, weapons, and many more. If you want to how much time you have for this Act or how much time it will take to grind through this Act then you are in a suitable place. Like Act 1, Act 2 will also be gone in a glimpse, so have patience.

When will Valorant Ignition Act 2 end?

No official date is set for this yet, but in past Riot already said that how long these Acts will run in Valorant. The developer of Valorant is looking for two months of an episode in every act.

Riot kept his promise with Act 1, the pass ran from June 2 to August 4. Going off this, Act 2of the battle pass should run for two months, October 6, the First Wednesday of that month. Act 3 should launch after this on October 7.


Once these dates will over you cannot redeem any rewards from Act 2 battle pass. It will be refreshed with the next battle pass for the last act of this Ignition series.

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How long will it take to complete Act 2?

The same amount of time you have for grinding the rewards of Act 2 ahead of the release of Act 3, 100 hours. Be ready to step yourself out for the next two months, try to complete the weekly missions and reach the tier 50 to grab the knife.

If you want to glint through the battle pass at high speed though, there are many ways for that.