VALORANT developers promise to address sexism and toxicity in the “near future” | VALORANT NEWS

VALORANT players have often complained about toxic behavior and unpleasant experiences during their games, and sexist comments seem to be one of the most common occurrences of these incidents. VALORANT’s Lead Insights & Strategy Aeneia managed to reassure a concerned player on Reddit who wanted to see what Riot Games’ plans were to combat those people’s comments.

Aeneia made it clear the studio isn’t batting a blind eye on the issue, and are actively working to find a solution. However, she couldn’t share any solid details, but promised if everything continues on the same path the development team hopes for, the VALORANT community will hear from Riot Games in the “near future with actions and updates.”

“I promise, we’re working on it. I can’t speak to any details right now, but if all goes to plan, you’ll be hearing from us in the near future with actions and updates. In the meantime, remember to report. It doesn’t fix the issue immediately, which sucks, but we can’t fix it at all if you don’t raise a flag to tell us it’s happening.”

“Thanks for still giving our game a chance, even with all these bad experiences. This is a multi-team effort across Riot, and we’re working hard towards a future where you don’t have to deal with shit like this anymore,” said Aeneia.

What kind of solutions do you want to see implemented to reduce or even eliminate issues like these? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!