Valorant: David Beckham’s Esports Organization Disqualified for ‘Innovative Use of Abilities’

The European Qualifiers for Valorant First Strike served a major blow to David Beckham’s Guild Esports. Guild Esports defeated G2 in their group stage match 13-11 but received a forfeit loss for using an exploit on Ascent.

Guild had a decent performance against a strong G2 roster and stood as comfortable winners. However, Riot Games had other plans in store for them. The British organization was reprimanded for using an ‘illegal boost’.

Riot Games went through the clips of the match and unearthed an exploit that Guild had used to have an unfair advantage over their opponents.

Riot Games also sent out a formal notice claiming that exploits hinder the integrity of the competitive scene. As a result of their disqualification, G2 faced NiP and defeated them to bag their spot in the First Strike Event.

Things didn’t go as planned for David Beckham’s Valorant roster

Riot games deemed the exploit to be unethical. The exploit combines Sage’s Barrier Orb ice wall and Killjoy’s Turret. This allows the players to reach a spot high enough to see through the B hall window and take down enemies when they try for an aggressive push to attack.

The legality of the boost has been a matter of debate within the community. While some agree to stand with Riot Games’ decision to disqualify Guild, others feel that it was ‘unfair’. This is because certain other teams have been caught using boosts and haven’t faced disqualification.

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Guild Esports sent a tweet to the entire community after their disqualification. The tweet mentions that the roster is “devastated” by the decision. Guild also believes that “innovative use of abilities that was permitted” and Riot Games should have overturned their decision.

However, Riot Games have a separate and fixed policy for exploits in the competitive scene. Rule 7.2.6 of their Global Competition Policy clearly states that Riot has the prerogative to decide whether the exploit was ‘intentional’ or not.

Riot Games have not released an official reply to Guild’s message. But Riot has allowed Guild to take part in next week’s qualifiers to redeem themselves.