Valorant Competitive Mode Release Date

Valorant Competitive mode or Ranked system has been removed from in the time of launch. If in the beta period you got a chance to play the game you may have received some time in with the previous version of Valorant’s ranked system and Competitive mode. After the official launch, the missing of the ranking system is a bit surprising for the players. Now the only mode that is available for the players is the default Unrated mode and a newly added Spike Rush.

Expected coming time for the Ranked Valorant:

Till now Riot Games don’t announce an official date for Ranked Valorant, but it is expected that its ranked system and Competitive mode will return in “a few patches” after launch. But no confirmation is there about the time period.

Reason for removing the Ranked system and Competitive mode from Valorant:

Ranked system was provided in the time of closed beta period but in that time few numbers of players can enjoy the game, so Riot wants to give the chance to the players who did not get into the beta to learn the basic fundamental and features on the game.

Working of Ranked System and Competitive mode In Valorant:

If you want to know about the working pattern of Ranked system and Competitive mode of Valorant, we have a Ranked System and Competitive guide, that will make you understand how it worked in beta period. This previous information will change in future may be. Though this guide will help you about the initial approach.


Maybe the removal of the Ranked System and Competitive mode is making a big issue for the old players, but the number is less than the new players. This decision of Riot Games’ is really appreciable that they want to give the same priority to the new players for the better gaming experience.

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