Valorant Coming To Consoles BIG NEWS

Riot Games’ FPS Valorant launched on PC earlier this week on June 2. Anna Donlon, the executive producer announced the plans of developer team in an interview about Valorant for the expansion of it.

Donlon Said that there are such ways for playing Valorant and also a way to experience the extravaganza of this game that they are not entirely sure about the translates to console play, though the prototyping is going on.

According to the Valorant team they want to make Valorant stand for a certain type of gameplay and another type of experience. If the team needs compromise on the main gameplay to make the game works on console, then they are not going to do that right now.

Donlon also said that, the team wants to take the console version mainly, from the very beginning they only tries to focus on this version, but many game designers excited and are willing to expand the game, Valorant to consoles. If the console version is being expanded in future, they are not going to publish it soon.

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