VALORANT bug causes Raze’s Boom Bot to emit terrifying noise

APRIL 21 header

Raze’s Boom Bot is a useful tool to clear out areas or draw enemies out of their hiding spot. But VALORANT players have recently encountered a bug stopping the Boom Bot and causing it to make a loud and terrifying noise. 

A player and their team were pushing into B site on Split when they used their Boom Bot to help clear the site. The Boom Bot went a few feet before getting stuck and making a loud noise, which caused the team to give up their push and rotate. 

Another player encountered an enemy Boom Bot that got stuck in a doorway with no apparent object causing the issue. Other players confirmed the same glitch in their games, and it almost always causes the Boom Bot to emit a loud noise. 

Some players have theorized Yoru’s footsteps caused the bug in the first clip, as they can be seen disappearing just before the Boom Bot gets stuck. But Yoru’s footsteps were not present in the second clip, and other players confirmed the steps are not required for the glitch to occur. 

Raze’s Boom Bot was recently able to go through walls, but this was patched by Riot Games. It’s unclear if the update created a new issue with the Boom Bot or if other changes created the problem. 

The bug appears to be impacting dozens of players and essentially renders the Boom Bot useless when it happens. Hopefully for Raze mains, the issue will be noticed by Riot and addressed in a future update.