Valorant Battle Royale and Future Modes

After a long time finally, the developers from Riot Games answered multiple questions about the new upcoming modes and the future of the game. There is some good and bad news for the fans of battle royales.

Discussion about Valorant battle royale and future modes

In an interview with Eurogamer, eight developer members from Riot Games were asked several questions from different aspects of the prized FPS game. They disposed of the queries about the game’s visuals to a next-gen console port and the new upcoming contents for Valorant.

Image Courtesy – Riot Games

The bug doubt is the new possible added mode in the future would be battle royale or a similar experience which is one of the major possible ones. Eurogamer asked the tech lead David Straily that if Valorant can support tens or hundreds of players in a single game technically or whether there is a possibility of a game mode with a much larger map.

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Though the questions are not directly about battle royale, the main question is it only. But Valorant would not be able to support ten or a hundred players at a time in a single game, at least not without some significant drawbacks.

Straily replied that they don’t want any compromise in their 128-tick servers or client performance targets. While it seems like a big NO for Valorant, but he did touch a line of hope saying that if they think about this change in this scale then they will first investigate how the player value will maximize, They would want to do something with the dynamic rate which can keep a high frame rate and this is a must need in gameplay.

Are modded modes coming to Valorant?

Eurogamers also asked the developer teams about the mod Valorant and the creation of own game modes using the system which is very similar to Overwatch’s Workshop. The game director Joe Ziegler replied that they will definitely consider it but as of now it difficult for the teams to provide curate community-created content besides delivering a streamlined experience simultaneously.

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In the future maybe this will come into the picture, but for the time being, they are only focused on gameplay to add in Valorant, pushing improvements on out of game experiences, and filling the contents and also the developers have a plate full of works right now.

Riot has discussed Retake servers

Eurogamer also asked about the Retake servers and to allow the teams in a critical part of a round to practice, or to defend the bombsite and having to take back. Ziegler said that this is something they are thinking from the last few days and it will be added in the game in the near future. They may add something similar to this to give the players more opportunities for practice modes and also for alternative modes.

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Valorant may still be at the level of growing up, but it is good to know that the future time of Valorant will be full of new modes and bigger surprises are coming.

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