Valorant Battle Pass Glitch ISSUE Fixed

After the official release of Valorant, because of agent contracts, the players haven’t been able to unlock new agent characters. These agent contracts were not giving rewards and also the agents. Also, players didn’t get skins, cards, and more from the first Battle pass.

The players became frustrated and uproar over their missing rewards. Riot quickly investigate and trying to bring a fix. Now, after a couple of days, the issue has been solved finally by Riot. From June 4 the players finally get the agent contracts and the rewards in the battle pass and also the unlocked agent characters.

The developers stated that for Korea, Japan, APAC players those who didn’t find the rewards finally the fix is there, now everybody should get the battle pass and contract rewards also the unlocked agents.

In Europe and North America players have to wait for couple of hours rather days for the fix due to the server shortage.

In Europe, MENA, Russia, CIS, NA, LATAM, South Americas and Turkey the solutions will be provided as soon as possible. And also, the compensation for the disruption will be provided to the players, but Riot didn’t actually say the actual way. We have to wait for further announcement by the team.

As the Battle pass and Agent contract rewards are fixed, players should be able to play the game as per normal.


Players now will be able to unlock new agent characters. All those skins you get should finally appear in the inventory. After a small beta period, Valorant went live globally, these problems will come in further days also. But the most important thing is whenever an issue came up on the game that will make the players fuss, Riot instantly tried to come up with a fix as soon as possible.

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