Valorant Bans Are Permanent

After launching in this week on June 2, Valorant is keeping a strict status on cheaters by maintaining bans on the players those who are caught cheating during the closed beta period of Valorant. According to IGN’s report Paul Chamberlain, lead of anti-cheat department of Valorant game said that the bans on cheating accounts are permanent. And moreover, he said that account ban means hardware ban, it means if later they want to re-login the system can detect them and again can caught them.

Paul Chamberlain stated that it is possible to reverse otherwise the permanent ban leads to the discretion of Riot Games.

Also Riot Games also has been the prototyping console versions of Valorant, but the Valorant team also announced that if the main game has to be changed too much, they will not be going to release the console version.

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