Valorant Agent Comparison: Which is best for you on attack?

Valorant currently brags a roster of four Duelist Agents those who are very much unique from each other. Reyna, Jett, Raze, and Phoenix all serve a similar objective in Riot’s FPS title, but how do you choose one against another? Let’s focus on the roles of each Agent and find out who is the best.

The four Duelists all come arrayed with their own unique armory of abilities. Some are more efficient at rushing around a corner with otiosity, while others are good at stunning the opponents. From the first of Valorant whenever you joined this game or from the first day of closed beta when you started grinding through many matches from then the decision about which Agent is best is very difficult to determine because all the agents have their own set of unique abilities where no one is weaker than other.

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It may happen that you get stuck in your path when you are grinding through the matches for the agent you pick. It is very important to know the pros and cons of each and every agent as soon as possible. If you can select the right agent for the right map it not only secures the win for you but also boosts the way of your Competitive rank.

Agent Comparison in Valorant

Let’s take a deep dive into the role and playstyles of agents.

Best Duelist Agents on Attack

1.            Raze

Raze is nerfed to increase ‘Counterplay’ in Valorant

Arguably Raze is one of the strongest agents of Valorant as of now. Though her kit receives many controversies, this character is very versatile. You can use her abilities in multiple ways. Raze is capable of everything be it flashy movement tech, trying to scout around the corner, or just going for frags simply. Without risking health her Boom Bot can detect the opponents. In the time of attacking Paint Shells are effective enough. A single ability of her can make the defenders out of their position and into your sightline. Blast Packs can be used to damage the opponents. Showstopper Ultimate of her is one of the effective ones in the game.


  • Black Pack: This is the optional ability. Can throw C4 and helps to trigger.
  • Showstopper: This is the ultimate ability. A large area can be damaged using a launcher like a rocket.
  • Boom Bot: This is an optional ability. This can damage the enemies and also can walk over the floor.
  • Paint Shells: This an in-built ability, which damage and can throw a grenade.

There is no doubt that Raze is one of the strongest Agents of Valorant on Attack today.

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2.            Phoenix


This Agent has the most effective flash abilities in Valorant. The Curveball can obscure the eyesight of anyone. If you are interested to make a distraction into the game then Phoenix is the best capable Agent in Valorant. The six-point Ultimate gives you an extra life. It is one of the most valuable in the game and one of the big reasons why Phoenix is one of the best Agents in Valorant today.


  • Hot hands: This can damage the enemies using fire.
  • Curveball: This can make the opponents and also the teammates blind.
  • Blaze: This damaging ability can create a fire wall and also can make the vision obscures.
  • Run it Back: This ultimate ability can mark the previous areas.

3.            Jett


Sometimes before Jett was considered as of the weaker Agents in Valorant, but surprisingly in the higher ranks, she became more effective. Her Unique abilities of movement allow her to reach certain avail points and catch the opponents by surprise. Brief smoke of her allow more team-oriented and tactical play than most of the Agents present in the game. The entire kit of Jett can disorientate defending the players. While the abilities of her are not as impactful compared to others. She can also create windows for her teammates and also can throw the opponents into a loop.
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  • Updraft: This is the ability to float around and float-up to heights.
  • Cloudburst: This will throw a cloud that can block the vision.
  • Bladestorm: Several knives are there to throw to the enemies.
  • Tailwind: Scuttle in a moving direction.

4.            Reyna


The newest Agent in Valorant, though her kits don’t loan too well in Competitive ranks. The binding abilities of Reyna have a very short duration.


•             LeerIt can blind the enemies by giving a flash effect.

•             EmpressTo heal Reyna when she gets a kill.

•             DismissDeplete the life force of a enemy who is killed to turn latent and closed for a certain time period.

•             DevourDeplete the life force of a enemy who is killed for your own restoring.